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if you a talking about when somebody is setting then it is called a carry, you are not aloud to do this

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an uplift

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Q: The ball settle into the hand briefly on a shot instead of releasing it immediately?
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Why did the pilgrams settle in New England instead of Virginia?

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Not immediately after... you should allow about an hour for your food to settle.

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no. let the dog take a rest instead.

What would cause a 1990 Chevy cavalier 4-cylinder to stall out after about 15 miles of driving?

2 possibilities: electronic components can fail when they get hot. That could be anything from the electronic ignition system to the fuel pump. The other possibility is the fuel filter could be plugging up with sediment which slowly closes off the filter element. Turning off the fuel pump briefly can allow the sediment to settle, letting the filter function briefly again. You need to try to find out why it stalls. Is it lack of fuel? Try to start it immediately after stalling, by using a little starting fluid. If it starts briefly when you shoot a little starting fluid, you probably have a fuel pump or filter problem.

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The particles are heavier than water and sink instead of floating.

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You aren't letting the gas settle. You're letting the oil settle. Running the freezer before the oil settles will have the same effect as running your car with no oil. i.e. Overheating and the possibility it could sieze

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Its becaus they are lesbians and are gross. Thay should just settle for kissing a boy instead.

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You can settle a new horse in very easily, and you should make sure you do so patiently. Horses can be very nervous animals and don't take to change well. Walk your horse slowly out of its trailer and immediately into its stall or enclosed pen. Make sure there is plenty of comfortable bedding and food and water, and your horse should settle in nicely.

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