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Q: The Star-Spangled Banner is known to have been played before a baseball game for the first time in which year?
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Who is the actor played banner in a movie The Avengers?

he is mark ruffalo who played as banner in avengers. he was considered to play Banner in the incredible hulk before edward norton took the role

Why is the star spangled banner played at baseball games?

to honor our country

Is the Star Spangled Banner the song played before a baseball game?

Yes. That's the national anthem and is played before every game. Everyone in attendance stands and takes off their hat while the national anthem is played.

Why is the star spangled banner played before sports?

the star spangled banner is like something that represents america and i guess that it can go for every country in the wold

What song is played before NASCAR races?

The United States national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner", is sung before every Nascar race.

Who played Bruce Banner in hulk 2 the movie?

The incredible hulks star actor was Edward Norton as Bruce Banner.

What song is usually played before a baseball game?

The National Anthem.

What sports has justn bieber played before?

Hocky, baseball, basketball

What did Jackie Robinson do before he died?

He played Major League Baseball.

Who played The Hulk?

Actor and bodybuilder Lou Ferigno played The Hulk in the original television series and Bill Bixby played Bruce Banner. Recently, The Hulk has been computer generated, but Banner has been played by Eric Bana and Edward Norton.

Who played star spangled banner first on guitar?

jimi hendrix

Who played Bruce Banner in the movie 'The Incredible Hulk'?

Ed Norton

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