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The Brewers traded Lee and Nelson Cruz to the Texas Rangers for Laynce Nix, Kevin Mench, Francisco Cordero, and Julian Cordero on July 28, 2006.

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Q: The Milwaukee Brewers traded outfielder Carlos Lee to which team in 2006?
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Why Hank Aaron got traded?

Aaron was never traded..He was released by the Atlanta Braves after the 1974 season and signed by the Milwaukee Brewers, playing one season (1975) then retired.

Will Prince Fielder complete the 2010 season with the Brewers or be traded to a more talented team?

traded, brewers can't afford him

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Yes, but he wouldn't be allowed to play for both teams in the same game. But he would be able to, for example, play in a day game for the Royals, then get traded to the Brewers and play a night game in Milwaukee.

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Who is sanchez from the brewers?

Alex Sanchez was a centerfielder for the Brewers from 2001-2002, and played in the MLB until 2005. He was traded from the Brewers to the Tigers in 2002 because of his bad attitude in the clubhouse and towards teammates.

How many years did Hank Aaron play for the Brewers?

Two ... Hank Aaron spent the 1975 and 1976 seasons with the Brewers. The Brewers traded Dave May and Roger Alexander for Aaron in November, 1974.

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Why did Hank Aaron get traded to the Brewers?

He wasn't. Aaron was released by the Braves after the 1974 season because of his age, he was 40, and signed as a free agent with the Brewers where he played one season before retiring. Edit: I can't answer why, but I can correct this answer. Hank Aaron was traded for Dave May on November 2nd, 1974.

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