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Authentic jerseys are more detailed than swingman but considering theres only a bit more detail for a lot of money i would probably go with swingman.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-01 20:13:21
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Q: Swingman vs authentic jerseys
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What is a performance jersey vs a swingman jersey?

really different,most quality of swingman jersey is be the throwback,you can check elvajersey to refer to it

Is it Packers vs Steelers or Steelers vs Packers?

Steelers vs Packers, because the Steelers are the road team. They will be wearing their white jerseys.

When did the Philadelphia Eagles wear black jerseys?

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What does shirt vs Skins mean?

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What is the difference between a replica football helmet and a authentic football helmet?

There are several big differences between an authentic helmet and a replica. The main issue is logically the quality of materials. Helmet: High strength polycarbonate vs. less durable ABS plastic (Also not completely round like the regulation helmets). The authentic helmets also allow for shining and polishing. The ABS plastic is not as lustrous in finish. Facemask: Steel dipped in vinyl vs. plastic dipped in vinyl Padding: Regulation air-chambered pads vs. plastic coated foam Chin-strap: 4-point vs. 2-point Logos: Generally a tad bit smaller on the replica versions. All in all, the visual difference is not extreme, but the true fan will notice the difference, so my advice would be to spend the extra $100, and get the real deal.

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