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I have never heard of a RM 350, there is an older DR 350 and an RM 250 and 450.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-31 20:41:48
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Q: Suzuki 350 RM how fast?
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How fast does a suzuki rm 250 go?

RM 250 goes 90fm

How fast does a suzuki rm 65 go?

the suzuki rm 65 goes arounf 60 miles per hour

How fast does the suzuki RM 125 go?

about 80mph

How fast is a 2003 Suzuki RM 125?

85 mph

Suzuki RM-Z450 vs Honda CR-F450?

They are both great bikes. They are both fast but the Suzuki RM-Z has a little more power. the Honda is great too but i give itt to SUZUKI RM-Z450

How fast is Suzuki rm 85l?

it has 30hp and goes 95mp top speed

How fast does a Suzuki rm250 go?

a suzuki rm can achieve speeds up two 70 - 80 miles and hour

How fast does a Suzuki rm 100 go?

With stock gearing 50-55 mph

How fast is a 2001 kx 85?

the suzuki RM 80 could beat it so easy

Will my 1992 Suzuki rm 250 motor fit in a 1999 Suzuki rm frame?

it should

How fast does a Suzuki RM85L go?

A suzuki rm 85 l will go 115-140 kph depending on if it is tuned and the weight of the rider ect

Are the Suzuki RM's made in China Taiwan the same quality as the Suzuki RM's made in Japan?


How fast can a 250 suzuki four wheeler go?

about 350 mph

How fast does a stock Suzuki Rm 450F go?

With stock gearing would be in the 75 mph range.

What does the RM stand for on suzuki rm 80?

Raceing model

What year is a suzuki rm 125?

Suzuki has made a RM 125 every year since 1975. The 75 RM lineup replaced the successful TM lineup.

Suzuki RM-Z250 vs Honda CR-F 250?

ok they are both great bikes the Honda cr-f250 is great all around but the Suzuki RM-Z250 is just plain out crazy its screaming fast and corners like no tomorrow if i had to choose i would get the SUZUKI RM-Z250 all the way but don't get me wrong the CR-F is A great bike

The year of your suzuki rm 125 vinjs1rf15c4x2101789?

1999 SUZUKI RM125

Who makes rm 125?


Is a Suzuki RM a trail bike?


What is fater rm 80 or 350 warrior?

RM 80 for sure

Where is the id number on your 2005 suzuki rm 250 dirt bike for dmv forms?

where do i find the id number on a rm 250 suzuki dirtbike

What year is suzuki rm 125 vin JS1RF14A2R2102118?

1994 SUZUKI RM125

What is better a suzuki rm 80 or a Yamaha ttr 125?

The Yamaha ttr 125 would kick the suzuki rm 80's butt there is no comparison

Difference between suzuki rm 85 and rm85l?

the L mean's liqued cooled ........... jack joyce ancerd then :D i ride a suzuki rm 85

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