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If it was running before falling over, the carb if flooded.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-27 15:08:49
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Q: Suzuki RM80 tipped over and will not start?
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What if your 1985 Suzuki motorcycle was tipped over it will turn over but will not start?

Your engine is flooded so hold the throttle wide open and crank it over until you hear it start or fire then use the normal way you start it and you should be good to go.

Why will a Suzuki Grand vitara turn over but not start?

I changed oil on my suzuki grand vitara and it would not start up

Suzuki rm 80 frame number rc11c-101799 what year?

hi if your name is Vick ive just answerd your question over on blurt it but its 1983 RM80 (H) cheers Darren

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How much gear oil for a 99 rm80?

0.555 liters. Basically little over half a quart

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Motorcycle will turn over but wont start 1985 suzuki 550l?

I have an 1986 550L and the best way to get it started is to push start it.

1994 Suzuki sidekick turns over but doesnt start?

check if you have fuel and spark it needs both to work

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Why wont a suzuki quadrunner start Its getting gas and fire it turns over fine but it won't even backfire?

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Your car well not start it will turn over but not start. If it is just having problems starting it may be a bad check valve.

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How do you start suzuki drz 125?

Well maksure there's fuel and that it is on, then you just kick it over using the kickstart on the right hand side of the bike

Your suzuki vitara 1999engine turn over but doesnot fire?

my suzuki vitaramodel 1999,engine turn over but doesnt fire

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