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Q: Suggest a nice branded name for your rice that should reach people?
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What are the responsibilities of a baptized person?

i strongly suggest that a person baptized should also involved in the dissemination of the true gospel to reach all people in the world.

What is the diet you should follow to reach a muscle body?

suggest that you should consult to expert for health advice. A TCM service platform for public health which may help to solve your problems is recommended to you.

How many years will it take to get 9 billion people in the world?

By 2050 we should reach around 9.1 billion people.

Is it in the Bible that you as Christians should change people?

no. we are just to help them reach their end, which is to be with God in heaven.

What Halo game should I get?

Most people prefer Halo: Reach. Many people also like Halo 3. You can play awesome online games on both. I prefer Halo: Reach.

When should people get married?

The minmum age to get married is to reach pubertyThen you should reach the minmum marriage age as specified by the relevant specific countryThen you should feel able to afford the marriage responsibilities and expenses.Unless you have a shotgun wedding.

Should you get halo reach?

I have Halo Reach , but if you're asking should YOU get it then I really recommend it

A man's reach should exceed his grasp?

A man should grasp what he can't reach.

What year is it in halo reach the game?

Halo: Reach covers a lot of years, because it details the origins of the SPARTANs. If you want an accurate time stamp on the year that Halo: Reach takes place, I suggest you refer to Chapter One in Eric Nylund's similarly titled book calledHalo: The Fall of Reach. Halo: Reach covers the same time span as The Fall of Reach, so you should get an accurate reading.

Does song from you tube always reach contact?

No, that approach many people are starting to use,because of many were discovered that way, so I would suggest a different approach.

Did Joseph and Mary's donkey reach Bethlehem?

Probably. There's nothing to suggest it didn't.

How did Christianity reach Britain?

The earliest records would suggest the Romans brought the religion to Britain.

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