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the strongest running back in the nfl is running back Steve slaton he was known for excellent speed and tremendous strenght in his career for Virginia and carries it out through the nfl he will be a top 5 back in the nfl.

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Q: Strongest NFL rb
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Who is the fastest NFL RB?

Tennessee Titans RB - Chris Johnson

Who is the shortest RB in the NFL?


Fastest RB in the NFL?

Chris Johnson.

Who is the best RB in NFL?

Knowshon Moreno

Who is the best RB in the NFL of 2010?

chris Johnson

Who is best in NFL?

Walter Peyton bears RB

Who is the best rb in the NFL?

Arian Foster of the Houston Texans

Who is the fastest rb in the NFL?

Chris Johnson. Tennessee Titans.

Names of white NFL running backs?

Jared Stuttegen RB for the Dallas Cowboys in 1921, William Deaton RB for the Houston oilers in 1969 and Anthony Richey RB for the Atlanta Falcons in 1995

Which NFL team has the best RB?

The Minnesota Vikings. They have Adrian Peterson.

Is ladanian tomlinson a hall of fame RB?

No, he is not in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Who is the best rb playing today?

NFL Sunday was playing today

NFL height requirements?

There is no requirements. RB Jones-Drew is 5'7 or 5'8. I do believe he is the shortest player currently in the NFL

Who was the MVP in 2006 in the NFL?

Ladanian Tomlinson (RB, San Diego Chargers)

What NFL rb had highest average of yards per season?

Emmitt Smith

Sibling in NFL?

There has been many siblings in the NFL for example brothers Jamaal Lewis (RB) and Ray Lewis (LB) or twins Tiki Barber (RB) and Ronde Barber (CB) or cousins Aaron Brooks (QB) and Michael Vick (QB).

Who is the heaviest RB in NFL History?

"Iron Head" Craig Heyward 250- 340

What NFL player wears the number 29?

Chris Brown RB Tennessee titans

Who lead the NFL in touchdowns in 2008?

RB DeAngelo Williams of the Carolina Panthers with 20.

Who had the most touchdowns in 2010?

In the NFL, that was RB Arian Foster of the Houston Texans with 18.

What NFL RB has the most rushing touchdowns in one game?

The NFL record for rushing TDs in a game is 6 and is held by Ernie Nevers in 1929.

Who is the shortest wide receiver in the NFL now?

Trindon Holliday 5'5 RB Houston Texans

Who was Mr Irrelevant in the 1999 NFL Draft?

Jim Finn RB Pennsylvania Chicago Bears

Who is the best running in NFL?

AP!!! Adrian Peterson is the best RB in the league.

Which NFL players wear the number 33 on their jersey?

Isaac Redman (pittsburgh steeler rb)