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Terry bradshaw

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Q: Strongest Arm In NFL History
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Who has the strongest arm in the NFL?

Brett favre has the strongest current arm.

Who has the strongest arm in NFL football?

I think JaMarcus Russel of the Oakland Raiders has the strongest arm in the NFL. Now if he could only throw with average accuracy they might make the playoffs.

What is the strongest player in NFL history?

According to statistics, the strongest NFL player in all of history is Ben Roethlisberger. However, in second place is Vonta Leach.

Who is the strongest player in NFL history?

Ed white

Who is the strongest lineman in nfl history?

Junior Seau

Who has stronger arm Eli Manning or david carr?

CARR has one of the strongest arms in the NFL

Who was the strongest NFL running back to tackle in history ever?

1.Jim brown 2. Earl Campball 3. Jerome bettis

Who's the strongest NFL player?

strongest nfl mani think the strongest man is Sean rogers hands down.

Strongest NFL rb?

the strongest running back in the nfl is running back Steve slaton he was known for excellent speed and tremendous strenght in his career for Virginia and carries it out through the nfl he will be a top 5 back in the nfl.

What NFL quarterback possesses the strongest arm ever?

Rudy Bukich. Just ask John madden and he will tell you he witnessed Rudy threw almost the entire football field during practice in the '50s.

Who was the strongest warrior in Chinese history?

During the Han dynasty Lu Bu was the strongest, but in the entire Chinese history i think Xiang Yu is the strongest.

What position has the strongest arm in baseball?


Can any NFL Qb's throw the ball 100 yards?

No, Bobby Douglass had the strongest arm. It is said he could throw a ball 100 yards but never in a game. He was left handed and one hell of a runner

Who was the strongest man in the NFL?

bob sanders

Who is the strongest quarterback in the nfl?

Jake Locker

Who is the strongest person in nfl?

ray Lewis

Who is the strongest arm wrestler in the world?

it is john cena

Strongest man in the NFL?

Larry Allen is considered the strongest man to ever play in the NFL. Larry Allen bench pressed 705 pounds and has a squat lift of 905 lbs.

Strongest NFL players?

Jaylin Dwayne Cambridge

Was Katrina the strongest hurricane ever?

No. But it is the sixth strongest hurricane in history.

How much can donovan mcnabb bench?

He benches about 600 pounds. He is the strongest QB in history of the NFL ------------------------- /\ Don't be an imbecile, barely any offensive linemen can bench press that much. His max was 445lbs.

How do you get the NFL history?

I would recommend looking for books that tell NFL history. Or, you can watch old games on NFL Network.

Does Kyle Boller have the strongest arm in the NFL?

It's hard to tell. A lot of QB's in the NFL have strong arms. Boller definitely has ONE of the stongest. Here's my list (in no particular order) of QB's with strong arms: Boller, Favre (in his prime), Vick (with horrible accuracy), Cutler, Culpepper, Grossman, and Patrick Ramsey (sorry if I forgot anyone obvious) Jamarcus Russell is a notable QB with a particularly strong arm ~ Olfactory Sniffer Another Opinion Naw.... I think Jason Campbell (REDSKINS) has the strongest arm in the NFL Yet Another Opinion I think it's sad that a quarterback has to be identified by what team he currently plays for. On a side note Jason Campbell nearly completed as many passes to Ed Reed (2) in one night as he did to Malcolm Kelly (3) in 5 games together in 2008. Interesting, huh?

Whats the strongest earthquake in us history?

The earthquake in March 1964 in Alaska is the strongest earthquake in US history. The earthquake had a magnitude of 9.2.

Who is the best quarterback in NFL history?

Peyton Manning is the greatest QB in NFL history!!