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because america came to Australia and showed them how to play everthing only america can play the sports

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Q: Sports and Leisure Activities in Australia?
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What sports and leisure activities were in the colony of north Carolina?

The leisure activities in NC were farming, trading,etc

What are the top ten leisure activities in Australia?

1. Fishing.

What are some common leisure of Filipinos?

Filipinos enjoy various leisure activities. These activities include karaoke, and fiestas. They also enjoy sports activities including tennis and badmitton.

What are the three main types of leisure activities?

Types of leisure activities vary depending on which list you look at. One list includes: Sports and Physical Recreation Arts and Entertainment Countryside Recreation Home-based Leisure Children's Play Activities Tourism/Visitor Attractions Catering A different list includes: Creative Activities Escape Activities General Cultural and Appreciation Activities Service Activities Another list includes: Active Leisure Activities Passive Leisure Activities

What are some hobbies and leisure activities in Egypt?

sports, gold working, and stone cutting

What are some popular leisure activities in Australia?

swim,visit kangaroos,surf, safari, hiking

How did leisure activities change in Australia due to immigration?

Naturally, as people with different cultural backgrounds come to a place so the leisure activity that are found change.

What leisure activities is there on the Mississippi River?

on the Mississippi river there are lots of leisure activities, which are: cruises swamp tours fishing. There you are those are the leisure activities on the Mississippi river.

What are some Australian leisure activities?

Lawn bowls is one of the australians leisure activities.

What lesiure activities grew?

There are so many different leisure activities that grew from early days. Some of these activities include sports, fishing, dancing, hunting and so many more.

What leisure activities flourished at the turn of the 20th century?

sports and activities such as swimming, dancing, cycling, boxing,baseball, and tennis did very well in the 20th century.

What were 1930s leisure activities like?

The only thing I can think of is sports. Sports was a good way to get it all out and relax, because people were so depressed with the depression

Which is not a cause for the increase in leisure activities?

The current economic demand is not a cause for the increase in the leisure activities.

What were some leisure activities in Delaware?

There are a number of leisure activities that could be done in Delaware. These activities include site-seeing and retail shopping.

Leisure activities of the 1700s?


What is the sports and leisure industry?

A industry in which people do sport and leisure. Or just leisure, because sport can be classed as leisure

What are the cultural activities in Australia?

Australia is known to hold several cultural events where many activities take place. Some of these activities include singing, dancing, art exhibitions, creative talent, and sports.

An essay on leisure time activities?

To write an essay about leisure time activities, narrow down the topic to something more specific, like "Leisure Time Activities for a Summer Day" or "Wintertime Leisure Activities." Choose some activities that fit with your topic and decide what your topic sentence will be. Write your introduction and the body of your essay. Close with your conclusion paragraph.

Other than regular sports what are some leisure activities?

Basically, just active and play an activity with a friend or a group activity!

What are some leisure time activities in Australia?

sports like cricket, soccer,rugby union, rugby league, touch football, tennis, Australian rules football, basketball and beach volleyball. Surfing, fishing, and shopping are also up there. Playing pool, watching sports and drinking are pretty popular.

Difference between leisure and recreation?

Leisure is rest. recreation is fun activities.

What do they do for leisure activities in Ecuador?


Leisure activities in Canada?


What were the leisure activities?

Leisure activities for a peasant totally lame idea go ahead and play games if u want to be swag

What are Suriname's popular sports?

Basketball, cricket, rugby and soccer are popular sports in Suriname.Specifically, soccer well may be the most popular sport in terms of organized and leisure time physical activity. In terms of sports competitions, running and swimming are popular. In terms of leisure, recreational and vacation activities, fishing is high on the list.