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Gold: 9

Silver: 5

Bronze: 4


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Q: Soviet gymnast larrisa laynina won 18 medals how many were golds silver and bronze?
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Who won the most medals in 1960 summer Olympics?

Athlete: Gymnast Boris Shakhlin of the Soviet Union with 7 (4 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze). Country: Soviet Union with 103 (43 gold, 29 silver, 31 bronze).

Who is the male British gymnast who won a bronze medal at the London Olympics?


Who has won the most medals?

Larissa Latynina has won the most medals won in a career with 18 medals; nine gold medals, five silver and four bronze. She is a is a Russian-Ukrainian and former soviet gymnast.

In 1997 which gymnast scored 7 maximum scores of 10 as she won three gold medals one sliver and won bronze?

Which gymnast scored of 10

Who was the only British gymnast to win a Bronze medal at the Beijing Olympic Games?

Louis Smith

Who was the famous Philippine gymnast with an initial letters BL?

The famous Filipino gymnast with the initials BL is Beatriz Lucero-Lhuillier. Bea was an artistic gymnast before switching to taekwondo. At the 1992 Olympics, Bea won a bronze medal in taekwondo.

Who won the most medals in the 1960 Olympics?

1960 Winter Games: Cross country skier Veikko Hakulinen of Finland with 3 (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze). 1960 Summer Games: Gymnast Boris Shahklin of the Soviet Union with 7 (4 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze).

In the 1976 Olympics who won 3 golds 1 silver 1 bronze?

Gymnast Nadia Comăneci of Romania.

Who is the male british gymnast who won a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics?

Louis Smith in men's pommelled horse.

Who is a famous NZ male gymnast that goes to the commonwealth games?

David Bishop is a famous New Zealand gymnast. He won bronze in the Men's floor gymnastics event at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Who has won the most olympic bronze medals of all time?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, gymnast Alexei Nemov of the USSR, swimmer Franziska van Almsick of Germany, and gymnast Heikki Savolainen of Finland each won 6 bronze medals, the most by an Olympic athlete.

How won the most medals at 1968 Mexico Olympics?

Gymnast Mikhail Voronin of the Soviet Union with 7 (2 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze). Gymnasts Věra Čáslavská of Czechoslovakia (4 gold, 2 silver) and Akinori Nakayama of Japan (4 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) won 6 each.

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