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Q: South Americans have come to dominate what international professional sport?
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Why were Americans in fear of the red scare?

The fear was that Communists would dominate the world, or at least most of Asia, Africa and parts of South American and Europe. Communists were thought to be a united international movement.

What is the political party of South Dakota?

The Republicans dominate South Dakota politics.

Which river system dominate south America?


What crop was dominate in the south after the civil war?

your a retard

What religion seems to dominate south of the US?


What language seem to dominate the nations south of the US?


What two languages dominate south America?

spanish and portuguese

What part of the south east Asia did communist dominate?


Are most south Americans literate?

no,most south Americans are not liteateAnswerno,most south Americans are not liteate

What percentage of Americans have been south of the equator?

About 17% of US Americans have been south of the equator. Many South Americans live south of the equator.

Why did plantations dominate the South?

The soil was rich and fairly easy to cultivate

Why was the Europeans were able to dominate much of south and southeast Asia in the 19 and 20 centuries primarily because?

They were able to dominate much of south and southeast Asia because the Europeans had more advanced technology

Are south Americans called Americans?

yes, you can refer to South Americans as Americans. This must be in a context where it's clear that you're referring to the residents of North and South America collectively, or Americans as a whole.

People who migrated south to Asia Minor and came to dominate Syria?


What mountain range did the Inca once dominate in south America?

The Andes Mts.

Are Brazilians Americans?

Yes, they are South Americans.

What is the international phone code for South Africa?

The international phone code for South Africa is 27.

When was Amnesty International South Africa created?

Amnesty International South Africa was created in 1991.

When was Saigon South International School created?

Saigon South International School was created in 1997.

What is South African Institute of Professional Accountants's motto?

The motto of South African Institute of Professional Accountants is 'Your Wealth'.

Where in South Asia do Indo-European languages dominate?

Norther and Western parts

What does the term ICC mean in cricket?

International Cricket CouncilThe International Cricket Council is the international governing body of the sport of Cricket, responsible for most if not all professional and international matters in the sport.Inetrnational Cricket the international governing body of cricket. It was founded as the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909 by representatives from England, Australia and South Africa.

How did the Democrat Party come dominate in the South?

Because the South blamed the Civil War & Reconstruction on the Republican Party, the South was dominated by the Democrat Party for decades.

What country became the dominate country especially in south and central America?

Spain was the dominant country in South America through the conquistadores.

Who is bobb wolmer?

Bob Woolmer was a international cricketer, professional cricket coach and also a professional commentator. He played in 19 test matches and 6 One Day Internationals for England and later coached South Africa, Warwickshire and Pakistan.