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Q: Sore swollen dog nipples not in heat?
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How long do a dog's nipples stay swollen after heat cycle?

A dog's nipples may swell during of after her heat cycle. They can stay swollen for up to two weeks after her heat is finished. If they stay swollen longer than that, it's time to have her checked out by a vet.

Do a dogs nipples get red and swollen?

Depending on if the dog is in heat, or has been spayed makes a difference. Check with your vet. It could be an infection.

Why does dog have swollen nipples?

Is it a bitch? I'd suspect she was pregnant.

Your dog has 2 swollen nipples after giving birth but the others are fine is this normal?

well i am not sure but i think it is normal because my dog had pupps and she was fine my friend's dogs nipples were swollen !

Why does your dog have swollen nipples and stomach what is wrong?

Seems like the dog is going to have puppies!

What does swollen nipples mean on a female dog?

It means they ate a cat with rabies

Why a female dog has itchy swollen nipples teats?

How do you know they're itch

Are female dogs nipples enlarged during heat or is this a sign of pregnancy?

I actually was wondering the same thing. I have a dog who is 11 months old and in her first heat. I called the vet because I was worried she may be pregnant when I noticed her nipples were swollen. I called my vet and they said it is normal during heat.

Why does your dog have a red swollen sore vagina?

He doesn't. He doesn't even have a vagina.

What does it mean when a dog gets swollen nipples?

They could be pregnant, if they are a female. If they are preg the swollen is caused by milk being stored for the pups.

My dog's vagina is swollen and she licks it?

She is going into heat or is already in heat.

What causes a dog to have a swollen vulva?

The vulva on a dog swells when they are in heat.

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