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The greatest hockey player the world has ever produced is Magician of hockey

'Dhyanchand' from India.

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Q: Some famous hockey players
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Famous nz hockey players?

Who are some famus new zealand hockey players?

Who were some famous Pittsburgh Penguins hockey players?


Who are some famous left handed hockey players?

bobby clarke

Who are some famous hockey players who aren't retired?

Alexander Ovechkin Sidney Crosbey

What are some of the key players in hockey?

A few famous players in ice hockey are; Wayne Gretzky-Canadian Mario Lemmieux-Canadian Gordie Howe-Candian oh and t smith

Who are famous ice hockey players?

There are many famous hockey players, so here are just a few of those many: Wayne Gretzky was nicknamed the Great One and is widely acknowledged as the greatest hockey player. Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr, Jaromir Jagr, Gordie Howe (nicknamed Mr. Hockey), and Brett Hull are all very well known hockey players. Patrick Roy is a famous goaltender. Some active NHL hockey players who are well known include Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Ryan Getzlaf, Evgeni Malkin, Martin Brodeur, Ryan Miller, and Teemu Selanne.

Why do certain hockey teams have considerably more players than others?

Some hockey teams might have better hockey areas to play on and have a better chance to win. Some people might not know how to play hockey and that is why some teams are lacking hockey players.

Who are some famous players for ice hockey?

Sidney Crosbey, Alex Ovechkin, Zach Parise, Dany Heatley, Jerome Iginla

Who are some famous hockey players in the NHL?

Bobby Ore Bobby Clarke Bobby Hull Guy Lafleur Wayne Gretzky

Who are some French hockey players?

Cristobal Huet

Who are some famous athletes whose last name starts with the letter H?

Dorothy Hamill is a famous figure skating champion. Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull are famous hockey players.

What are some misunderstandings or myths held about hockey?

that all hockey players do is fight and drink beer

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