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Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, playing for the Manchester United

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Q: Soccer which England international was born in Mexico?
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What coumtry does clarence seedorf come from?

He was born in Suriname. He has been a player for the Netherlands international soccer team.

Does David Beck ham play on the US soccer team?

Yes, he has a contract with an American team. David Beckham plays his club football with the MLS team LA Galaxy, but he does not play internationally for the USA. He is born in England and therefore represents England at international level.

Who is Emilio Azcaraga?

He is the owner of Televisa and the owner of the most popular soccer club "AMERICA" from Mexico. he isa very rich person.He was born in Mexico City.

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If you are born in northern Ireland can you play soccer for England?

You can if you have at least one English born parent or grandparent and you have not played for another senior national football team.

What part of Mexico was the soccer player Jesus alonso Escoboza Lugo born in?

Mochis, sinaloa....I know because he's my little cousin

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Steven Fletcher, who represents Scotland at international level, was born on March 26, 1987 in Shrewsbury, England.

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