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It is valid in world soccer. Ive seen it happen before, as long as no-one intefers illegally with the ball or a player it is all okay!

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Q: Soccer goalkeeper's punt and score valid in world soccer?
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How is gravity not useful in soccer?

You can't play soccer if there is no gravity in the first place. So, the presumption in the question statement that gravity is not useful in soccer is not valid.

If you get a soccer refereeing license in one city is it valid in a different city?

If you are certified by the United States Soccer Federation, you may referee in any state in the United States. Generally speaking, if you are certified by a national federation you may referee in that nation.

Off sides in soccer?

For a pass to be valid in soccer, the player receiving the ball needs to have at least 2 members of the opposing team in front of him, of which can include the goalkeeper. An offside happens when there is just on or no players from the other team in front. There is one exception to this though. If the player receiving the ball does not have at least two players in front of him, but he/she is behing of the ball when the ball was passed, it is not an offside, but a valid pass.

How many teams does the first division of soccer in the US have?

The first division in United States soccer was also known as the USL First Division. It is no longer a valid division, and therefore, there are no teams which belong to the first division any longer. The USL First Division was founded in 2005, but ended in 2010. There were about 16 teams which were part of the USL First Division. When the USL folded, however, a new league was created called the North American Soccer League.

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You can subscribe to them by going to their website, going to the bottom of the page and clicking on the subscribe link choose a team and enter you valid email address.

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