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Only under running shorts, not under swimming trunks. Trust me. :D

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Q: Should you wear underwear under running shorts and swimming trunks?
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Who can tell me online store that sells 2 in 1 running shorts?

If you are talking about two in one running shorts I am going to assume you mean the kind of running shorts that have the built in underwear. The best two in one shorts are the Nike Tempo and the Under Armour running shorts.

What is a polyester crepe in running shorts?

It is a thin and smooth, thin, lining in running shorts that act as underwear for both men an women. It is a thin, smooth, breathable lining in men and womens running shorts that adds support like underwear, yet more comfortable for long distances.

What kind of underwear should a teen boy wear?

boxer shorts

Do you where underwear with compression shorts?

No, Infact some people wear compression shorts as underwear

Do you wear underwear with boy-shorts?

No.boyshorts are underweAr

Are compression shorts underwear?


Are you suppossed to wear underwear under compression shorts?

Yes! you should it is better

Should boys wear underwear under swim shorts?

No, because there is already a liner to the shorts. Also, most underwear is of a heavier material that would take longer to dry.

How do you wear sliding shorts with underwear or no underwear?

it work's bet without underwear.

What is the spanish word for shorts?

pantalones=pants pantalones cortos=shorts or just say shorts but shorts as in underwear is calzones(same word for mens or womens underwear)

Do you wear underwear with board shorts?


Should I be wearing yellow running shorts?

Any running shorts are wearable, no matter what color the running shorts you're wearing are. If you're going for style, choose yellow! Your choice, not mine.

Should you wear underwear with running shorts?

Only if you are uncomfortable running without them. Humans ran naked, or at least unsupported, for hundreds of thousands of years before running clothes were marketed to us. Overheating your genitals can lead to reproductive problems, so try running without underwear for short distances at first, and if you don't experience chafing or other problems, keep running free!

What should you wear under cycling shorts?

regular underwear Think you're wrong on this one. Cycling shorts are meant to be worn commando.

What should you wear running?

Wear shorts loose shorts Sneekerss for runnin && a muscle shirt

How do you tell the difference between swimming trunks and swimming shorts?

Usually swimming trunks have netting and pockets, swimming shorts are less devicive.

Cycling shorts and underwear?

No, you dont use underwear with padded cycling shorts lol! *still laughing* omg no. searouly? oh then no

Should you wear underwear under board shorts?

No, I recommend wearing swimsuit bottoms.

Do you wear underwear over jockstrap?

Not usually. Usually when you have a jock on, you don't wear anything else with it, just your athletic gear on top of it. However, if you are wearing compression shorts, sliding shorts, hockey shorts, etc., you should wear those over the jock. Some people (inexplicably) wear a jock under a swimsuit, too. If you're wearing the jock for running or track, you just wear your normal shorts over the jock, no underwear. You can wear a lot of modern underwear (briefs, gripper jams, etc.) INSTEAD of a jock, particularly if the underwear fits closely and is supportive.

Are swimming shorts waterproof?


What is swimming trunks?

swimming shorts that boys wear to go swimming

Are saucony running shorts good shorts to run in?

Saucony running shorts are great running shorts to run in. The shorts are very durable and they will make you feel very comfortable as you are running. Also they are nice looking.

Can you wear a pad while swimming if you have underwear on?

Yeah, you can wear a pad while swimming. But I recommend wearing two bikini bottoms, because your underwear will become more loose in the water. So just wear two tight bikini bottoms, and board shorts. Then you're set :)

Where can one purchase swimming shorts?

There are tons of venues that one can purchase swimming shorts. Swimming shorts can be bought from Walmart, Target, Sears, Billabong, Bootlegger, Quiksilver, and Amazon.

Does edible soffee shorts exist?

Edible Soffee shorts do not exist, but there is a such of thing as edible underwear. You can learn more about edible underwear from the Wikipedia website.