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No, it won't do much.

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um, the mouth guards you use for football

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Q: Should you wear a mouth guard when playing basketball with braces?
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Is it illegal to have braces not wearing a mouth guard and playing basketball?

You can still play with braces without having to wear a mouthguard.

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What function does a rear basketball guard do?

There is no such position as a "rear basketball guard." There is a point guard and a shooting guard only.

Can you use a mouth guard while you have braces?


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There are no right and kleft guards in basketball. There is a Shooting guard and a Point Guard

What is g in basketball?


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What is role of two guards in basketball?

point guard and shooting guard

What does LeBron James play in basketball?

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A two guard in basketball is where you what?

I'm guessing that means where there are two guards at the top of the key, when playing defense, and the forwards and centres along the baseline.

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well the players playing are usually only 10. 5 from each team. the point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and the center.