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In my personal opinon a hard cup is MUST the pants provide some protection but not enough if you want kids later if you know what i mean.

soft if anything, most people dont use them at all, i am one, before i had paintball specific pants and slider pants with a pad just for this in them i hung a hand towel out of my belt, cheap and easy way to provide protection and it does not get in the way while running

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Q: Should you use a hard or soft cup for paintball?
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Should you wear a cup during a paintball game?

It would be a good idea, i do after a bad experience.

What protection should you use in a paintball gun war?

A certified paintball specific mask is required. Do not use Ballistic goggles, air soft goggles shop goggles, Welding masks, ski goggles, swim goggles, Bmx helmets, police helmets or anything not designed for the sport of paintball. Besides that, a cup and paintball chest protector help to lessen the sting. A hat and neck protector also do very well in absorbing impact.

Where can you buy a 'cup protection' for paintball?

Any sports cup will do.

Is paintball lube the same as paintball oil?

yes, it does the same thing. well actually it depends, the term lube is often used to talk about a paintball grease (most common is DOW 33) and oil is well, oil, both are paintball specific but you should not be using grease/lube in a marker that requires oil or the other way around. The best paintball oil is Gold Cup oil and the best grease is Gold Cup Final Solution grease.

What country is the best in paintball?

America has the most paintball teams, as well as the most world cup wins

When is the paintball world cup this year?

There is the Nppl, there are 4 tournaments.

What is the best lube for MR1 paintball gun?

any synthetic marker oil made for paintball will do just fine, make sure it is paintball oil though. Do not use motor oil or WD-40. Gold Cup oil is the best paintball oil for blowbacks or the Gold Cup Final Solution grease for all high end guns.

What are the best and most protective types of paintball masks?

From the retailer, Choice Paintball Guns, there are many paintball masks which are safety rated and stylish. Some of these masks are Dye Invision I4 Pro, Proto Axis Pro Mask, Save Phace DISS Series, and V Force Armour Goggle. The prices range from $25 to $120.

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Yes you should. A hard cup should be worn during baseball to prevent injury.