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Yes. Physical activity will relieve the emotional pain your leg is feeling. Also, you need to be supportive of your leg in this fragile time during its life.

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Q: Should you play football if your leg hurts?
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Can you still play football with a broken arm and a broken leg?

Yes, you could play football. Though, it's better not to play.

What is leg whipping?

Leg whipping is an illegal play in football. A player swings his leg horizontally and attempts to make contact with an opposing players leg.

What is something a football player needs to play football?

arm strength and some leg strength and pads

An animal that hurts its leg is?


Did Joe Theismann come back to play football again after breaking his leg?


How much does a broken leg hurt?

hurts as much as breaking your leg!

Can you play football without a toenail?

Yes, of course.Some people play football without a leg!If missing a toe nail bothers you, all you need do is place tape over it, or learn to kick with the other leg.

What should one do if after running for few minutes he feels pain in his legs?

you should stretch your leg muscles or if that hurts more give it some rest for a couple of days and if still hurts after you have tried that then you should see your doctor

Does it hurt to break your arm as much as leg?

The. Leg hurts more because your leg has more bone

How do you use the word Leg in a sentence?

You could put : I broke my leg. or my leg hurts. or I lost my leg in an accident. There are lots of possibilities.

What happens when you get kicked in the leg?

it hurts. real bad.

Why does your leg hurts when you walk?

Your legs hurt when you run

W hat is the lumb in your leg that hurts?

a jumblaya

What does it mean if your leg hurts?

Look up sciatica.

What is it when you have a bump on your leg that is filled with puss and it hurts when you touch it?

A boil.

What have you done to your leg if it hurts at the back?

Sprained Achilles Tendon

How do you say my leg hurts in spanish?

Me duele la pierna.

What is a brown itchy rash on a child's leg?

If the kid pokes at it and it hurts then it is probably a bruise, if it is not a bruise then that kid should be taken to the doctor

What do hockey players do if they have a broken leg?

Continue playing until the leg hurts too much to move.

What do you do if a horse hurts his leg?

If a horse has hurt his/her leg the horse will be called lame till the leg has healed . If the horses leg is very badly hurt it may have to be put down (die) . But if it is just a minor injury you should keep the horse in his/her stable he/she stops limping.

Your upper leg in front hurts the right one?

What are shin splints?

Will a cat stretch a sprained leg?

Whether or not a cat will stretch a sprained leg depends on badly it is sprained. If it hurts, they will not stretch it.

What happens when you put a hot glue gun glue on your leg?

It hurts like hell and it will burn your leg pretty bad.

Which move hurts more the sharpshooter or the figure four?

the move that hurts the most is the figure of four leg lock as ric flair did it on me

What causes leg cramps?

the cause of leg cramps is the tightening of the muscles in your leg and it really hurts it is painful it can wake u up in the middle of the night and it is not pleasant