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swimmings good if you want to have a baby but i wouldn't do a proper workoutt

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Q: Should you go swimming if you are trying to conceive?
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Should you go on the treadmill whilst trying to conceive?

I would not recommend it while in the first trimester. The baby's life is just too fragile.

What happens to a splint if you go swimming with it on?

If they have a splint on they should not go swimming in the firstplace. If they havent been to a doctor they need to go and if they have and the doctor splint it they should be resting not swimming.

Can you go swimming on your periord?

Swimming during your period is fine as long as you wear a tampon which should be changed before and after you go swimming

Ok when you i come there is clots and semen always comes back out wife and i are trying to conceive should i be worried?

of course it will come back out.. where did you think it would go? cant help with the clots though...

Is swimming compulsery?

I think that swimming should be done by everyone. It makes you strong, fit, big (muscles). Also it is good to be able to go to the beach and stuff and show off your skills to your mates! Keep trying people.

Where do you go for swimming lessons?

You should check your local swimming pool. Or you can see a YMCA.

What does it mean when you have a normal period in one month then trying to conceive then the next month your period is light pink to pinkish brown to completely brown?

it means your flow is going in a different direction and you shouldn't try to conceive until you had your period and its over for that month and do NOT go swimming while you are on your period it wont attracted sharks but with your problems you will get a UTI because your flow is so different then mine and if doing what i say doesnt help or it gets worst go to a doctor straight away.

Can you go swimming if you have a bad cough or runny nose?

You definitely can go swimming. The question should be, "Should you go swimming if you have a bad cough or running nose?" And no, you should not go swimming unless the water is warm enough, almost hot. - User:Johnnyeg94-IMPROVED ANSWER-(BY SUNLIGHT210)My advice to you is to NOT go swimming with any symptoms of a cold or any sickness. One reason is that you're mucus can get into the water and spread, and because of the infected water, other people can get sick. Another reason is that it will most likely worsen your sickness. Therefore, it is not recommended to go swimming with symptoms of a cold or any other disease.Hope that helps!~Sunlight210

If you go off birth control pills will you have a baby boy?

Pretty sure that's just a myth. Lots of couples trying to conceive have used some brand of birth control pill as a form of protection & when they decide to go off of the contraceptive, they are more likely to conceive & have either or.

Why you should go to Jamaica for a trip?

So you can just have fun in the jungle and go swimming

Should you go swimming in cold weather?

It's generally not recommended to swim in cold weather as it can increase the risk of hypothermia and other cold-related illnesses. If you do choose to swim in cold weather, make sure you are properly dressed in a wetsuit and take all necessary precautions to stay safe.

Should I go to Minnesota Wisconsin Ohio State or Yale for Swimming?

If you can get into Yale, go to Yale.