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The advantage of aerobic exercise after strength training is that the increased blood flow throughout the body removes lactic acid and metabolic waste from the muscle and provides the muscles with nutrients. Moreover, you will be warming up the muscles for a more effective session of stretching at the end of your workout. You were planning to do a full body stretch, right? Stretching is important to developing full range of motion for the joints and muscles.

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Q: Should you complete aerobic exercise before or after a strength training workout?
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Aerobic Versus Strength Training: Which Should Come First in Exercise Routines?

Most fitness experts agree that well-balanced exercise routines contain both aerobic exercise and strength training. The question which is often asked is which should be completed first? This depends greatly on the individual and their desired outcome from the routines, since whatever is done at the beginning will receive the most energy and focus. If large muscles is what is wanted, strength training would come first. If a healthier cardiovascular system is the main focus, aerobic exercise would come first. Either way, the exercise routines will complement each other.

The Curves fitness program allows you to get a complete aerobic and strength training workout in just how many minutes?

30 Minutes

Which term describes a physical activity that includes both cardio and strength training exercise?

Anaerobic and aerobic describes that type of physical activity.

What is the similarities between aerobic exercise and resistance exercise?

Aerobic exercise is cardio exercise (where you get your heart rate up). Resistance exercise is weight training using resistance.

In The Workout section of their page the Curves fitness program allows you to get a complete aerobic and strength training workout in how many minutes?

30 minutes

I know weight training can stunt your growth but can aerobic exercise?


Has aerobic exercise machine been approved by the government to be placed on gyms and other training facilities?

Yes, aerobic exercise machines have been approved by the government. They are now placed in gyms and other training facilities. All types of aerobic exercise machines like the treadmill and elliptical are in gyms and training facilities.

Comparison of the efficacy of aerobic exercise training and resistive exercise training in patient with chronic low back pain?

Talk to your doctor about it.

Is weightlifting aerobics?

yes It can be anaerobic or aerobic. Anaerobic is done with a higher % of your max with fewer reps. Aerobic is done with a lower % but more reps to promote Muscle endurance as oppose to muscle strength and power.

What is aerobic dance and how is it developed?

Aerobic dance is a form of exercise which combines dancing and strength exercise. It was developed by a doctor and physiologist team to help improve the fundamentals of exercising.

The third major component of an exercise program for arthritis sufferers is?

aerobic training

What fitness component does static training improve?

Circuit training helps you improve your aerobic fitness, flexibility and strength.