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I think gray nicholls. I bought an Adidas bat last year and it cracked in about 3 months! I have used gray nicholls many times before and have never had a problem with it.

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โˆ™ 2011-08-04 14:10:01
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Q: Should you buy a gray nicholls cricket bat or a adidas cricket bat?
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The Australian Sports equipment co specialising in Hockey and Cricket?

Kookaburra and I'm not sure about Gray Nicholls

Which bats do England cricket team use?

gm,gray nichols,adidas,slazenger,

What are the brands of cricket bats?

Some of the world-wide manufacturing brands of cricket bats are: Gray-nicholls Slazenger Gunn and Moore MRF Salix Woodworm Adidas Hunts County Kookabura Newbery Puma PSC Bas BDM Bradbury Ihsan SS SG Reebok

Who makes the best cricket bat?

Kookaburra are definitely the best bats because you can play aggressive and simple with them if not kookaburra woodworm if not woodworm gray nicholls but kookaburra are the best !

Were can you get a gray nicolls kaboom cricket bat?

email Gray Nicolls

What is your favorite cricket bat?

i play for Hampshire colts and i am sponsored by gray nichols.there bats are very good. these are my favourate cricket bats, slazenger gray nichols

Which Cricket bat is better puma or gray nicoles?

i'd say gray nicolls seeing as ive got a puma bat and a gray nicolls

What kind of cricket bat does alistair cook have?

Gray nicolls predator

What cricket bat should you buy.?

In my Opioin You should probably buy a Gray Nicolls because all of there bats are decent.You could just choose a Players bat because that has to be good.If you want to buy a good solid bat buy a Gray-Nicolls

Do you have criticism about the little old lady from cricket creek written by Len Gray?


What type of wood is the gray nicolls quantum force cricket bat made from?


Which cricket ball is better, Kookaburra or SG?

Kookaburra GM Gray Nicols Staunch

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