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Yes. you should bring your glove to any Baseball game just in case.

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Q: Should you bring your glove to a Yankees game?
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What should you bring to a baseball game?

you should bring a camera a glove a bottle of sunscreen a ipod a wallet a money binoculars softball and a sharpie

Should you go and watch a Minnesota Twins-Yankees game or a Houston Astros-Yankees game?

Yankees- Astros

What should i do if my Michael Jackson Wii game does not come with a glove?

The glove was only included in a special edition version for a few weeks after the initial release of the game, they are no longer included.

Should kid bring video game to school?


What was the score for 1996 World Series?

The New York Yankees defeated the Atlanta Braves in six games to win the 1996 World Series. Game 1: Braves 12, Yankees 1 Game 2: Braves 4, Yankees 0 Game 3: Yankees 5, Braves 2 Game 4: Yankees 8, Braves 6 Game 5: Yankees 1, Braves 0 Game 6: Yankees 3, Braves 2

What should a child bring when traveling on a plane with a grandparent?

video game

What items should you bring to a hockey game?

Sweatshirt, Mittens, Food

Who were the starters in the 1996 world series?

Game 1: John Smoltz (Braves), Andy Pettitte (Yankees) Game 2: Greg Maddux (Braves), Jimmy Key (Yankees) Game 3: Tom Glavine (Braves), David Cone (Yankees) Game 4: Denny Neagle (Braves), Kenny Rogers (Yankees) Game 5: John Smoltz (Braves), Andy Pettitte (Yankees) Game 6: Greg Maddux (Braves), Jimmy Key (Yankees)

What is the longest game between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers?

The longest game between the Yankees and the Tigers lasted 22 innings. The game was played on June 24, 1962 at Detroit and the Yankees won the game 9-7.

Did the New York Yankees win the 1978 World Series?

The Yankees beat the LA Dodgers in the 1978 World Series 4 games to 2. It was the 1st time in history that a team won 4 straight after losing the 1st 2 games.Game 1 Dodgers 11, Yankees 5Game 2 Dodgers 4, Yankees 3Game 3 Yankees 5, Dodgers 1Game 4 Yankees 4, Dodgers 3Game 5 Yankees 12, Dodgers 2Game 6 Yankees 7, Dodgers 2This feat was accomplished for a 2nd time when the LA Dodgers defeated the Yankees in 1981 World Series after they lost the 1st 2 games.Game 1 Yankees 5, Dodgers 3Game 2 Yankees 3, Dodgers 0Game 3 Dodgers 5, Yankees 4Game 4 Dodgers 8, Yankees 7Game 5 Dodgers 2, Yankees 1Game 6 Dodgers 9, Yankees 2This was the series that Dave Winfield went 1-22, which years later prompted George Steinbrenner to mockingly label him "Mr. May" in reference to Reggie Jackson's nickname "Mr. October".

What should every baseball make sure he has before the game starts?

Glove, bat, cup, uniform, helmet, cleats, and gum.

Who is pitching for the Yankees on augest 9?

It depends the game is to far away to say someone could get injured and they might have to bring Phil Hughes into the rotation a few days before the game go and it will tell you.

What size of baseball glove should a 7yr use?

I would at least go with an 11 inch glove and possibly an 11 1/2. The 9 inch gloves are really small and will not be usable in a year or two. I would recommend that you get a glove that is game is basically broken in for you. I do not typically agree with the charts out there that recommend the small glove for this age.

When was the last World Series game 7 in New York with the Yankees?

The last World Series game 7 played in Yankees Stadium was in 1957. The Yankees lost to the Milwaukee Braves.

When is the next New York Yankees game?

The next Yankees game is Saturday, October 9, 2010 versus the Minnesota Twins.

How many double headers did the Yankees play in Cleveland from 1960 to 1969?

The Yankees and Indians played 18 doubleheaders in Cleveland from 1960-1969. 1960 - 1) June 26: Yankees won Game 1 6-2 and lost Game 2 7-6 2) September 11: Yankees won Game 1 5-0 and won Game 2 3-2. 1961 - 1) August 20: Yankees won Game 1 6-0 and won Game 2 5-2. 1962 - 1) May 13: Yankees lost Game 1 6-4 and lost Game 2 8-5. 2) June 17: Yankees lost Game 1 6-1 and lost Game 2 6-3. 1963 - 1) June 2: Yankees lost Game 1 5-0 and lost Game 2 7-2. 2) July 7: Yankees lost Game 1 11-3 and won Game 2 7-4. 1964 - 1) May 10: Yankees won Game 1 12-2 and won Game 2 3-2. 2) September 22: Yankees won Game 1 5-3 and won Game 2 8-1. 3) September 23: Yankees won Game 1 4-3 and won Game 2 6-4. 1965 - 1) July 25: Yankees won Game 1 3-0 and lost Game 2 7-4. 1966 - 1) August 5: Yankees lost Game 1 5-4 and won Game 2 3-0. 2) August 7: Yankees lost Game 1 6-4 and lost Game 2 5-3. 1967 - 1) August 11: Yankees won Game 1 5-3 and won Game 2 4-1. 1968 - 1) July 28: Yankees lost Game 1 3-2 and lost Game 2 4-1. 2) August 30: Yankees won Game 1 1-0 and lost Game 2 3-2. 1969 - 1) June 29: Yankees lost Game 1 5-1 and won Game 2 6-3. 2) September 5: Yankees won Game 1 2-0 and won Game 2 1-0.

What was the longest New York Yankees vs Detroit Tigers game?

The longest game between the Yankees and Tigers was played on June 24, 1962. The Yankees won the game 9-7 in 22 innings at Tiger Stadium.

Who won the New York Yankees game on August 14 2010?

The NY Yankees

What time is the Yankees game today?

No more games, Yankees or others, the season is over.

When was last time Yankees won championship game?

The Yankees last winning championship game was on October 26, 2000 against the New York Mets. The Yankees won in 5 games

What should every baseball player make sure he has before the game starts?

glove, bat, cup, uniform, helmet, cleats, gum

What does '' I'll bring the game board you bring the ice'' mean?

It means that I will bring the game board and you will bring the ice.

Who pitched a perfect game against the New York Yankees?

No one has ever pitched a perfect game against the New York Yankees.

When was the first game played at the old Yankee Stadium?

First Game at Yankees Stadium IThe first game played at Yankees Stadium was on Wedensday, April 18, 1923. The New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox 4-1.

How many games do the New York Yankees need to win to clinch the division in 2012?

1Going into the final game of the 2012 season, the Yankees do not have to win. If the Yankees and Baltimore Orioles both lose, the Yankees win the division.UPDATE: The Yankees clinched the division on the final day of the season. The Yankees won their game and the Orioles lost.