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because anything men can do women should also be able to do it

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Q: Should women be allowed to play football and wreslting'?
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Should women be allowed to vote?

Women should be allowed to vote because everybody is equal.

What sports are women allowed to take part in now?


Why were women not allowed to play football?

Actually, they can and there use to be a Women's football league. I just don't think it makes any money.

Why aren't women allowed to play football?

because men are scared that women will be better than them

Should women be allowed to play American football or wrestling?

Women should be allowed to play football, and should be allowed to wrestle. Just because they say football and wrestling are only men sports is not true. Starting with football, football is just as dangerous as soccer, women slide into each other shove and get concussion through soccer so it would be the same way as for football. Now going into wrestling, I am myself a women wrestler, and it seems like wrestling is becoming more popular with women because its a way women could get anger out through a sport with out getting in trouble for it. All the skill we learn and self control we learn is amazing through wrestling. Its one of the best sports that helps people stay in shape. It also can be a sport that can be coed because women can beat men at it as long as they have the skill and agility to do it.

Why women should be allowed to be in combat?

beacuse women have the potential

Should women be allowed to play in the NFL?

There is a women's pro football league, but the NFL is extremely physical. Women do not have the physical structure or strength to compete with huge male athletes. It would be too dangerous.

Did any women ever played in any NFL football game?

nope,i'm not shure if women are allowed to play nfl.but i do believe there is a league where women do play football.

Are women allowed to preach?

Not allowed according to 1 Corinthian 14:34, women should keep silent in the churches, for they are not allowed to speak, but should be subordinate, as even the law says.

Should women play football?

if they feel like it

What are sports that women are not allowed to play?

There are no sports in which women are not allowed to play. However, there must be a minimum amount of participating women for there to be an actual sports association for women (as there are men), but there are no sports in which women are not allowed to play. Something strange at my school is that girls can play football but boys can't play volleyball.

Why should or shouldn't women be allowed in the NHL?

Yes of course they should! Women are just as good as men.

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