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well, yeah, they are. in any sport your going to get hurt, but in extreme sports, such as BMX or the halfpipe, people have become vegetables becasue: 1. they did not take the proper precautions(helmets, knee and elbow protection. and/or 2. they tried to do something way totally out of their league. you cant go into these sports thinking you can pull off a 360 ollie your first time dropping in. 'cause it don't work that way. if your intersted, but don't want broken bones, or to end up like "10-second tom", then be careful, and know your limits. note: i didnt say to not push those limits.

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That's entirely an opinion question. In my personal opinion, I would say no. The sports are fun for whoever is playing them, and they're a good source of entertainment. Also, most people know what they are getting into before trying the sport.

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Of course not. Its fun for people.

No way, extreme sports shouldn't be banned, I like taking the risk.

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No it shouldn't they are fun and are safe at the same time :)

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Q: Should violent and dangerous sport be banned?
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