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No. Major League Baseball would be opening a can of worms if it tried to decide which home run records are valid or invalid.

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Q: Should the single season hr record be 61 still?
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Does Dan Marino still hold the single season passing yards record?

No. The record was beaten by Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints on December 26th, 2011.

Who broke Barry Bonds record of 73 home runs?

As of the 2009 season, Barry Bonds still holds the single seaon home run record with 73.

Who has the record of the most home runs in college softball?

I believe Stacey Nuveman (UCLA - 90 HR) still holds the career record. Laura Espinoza (Arizona - 37 HR) has the single season record.

Who scored most goals in 1 season Manchester United?

Denis still holds the Manchester United club record for the most scored goals in a single season with 46 goals in 1963-64...but maybe Ronaldo will break it this season..

Does Patrick willis own the rookie record for most tackles in a single season?

Tackles have been an unofficial stat for a long time. As a result, it is tuff to say who actually holds this record. Regardless, Willis had a fantastic rookie season and is still playing at a Pro Bowl level.

What is the record for the biggest increase in the number of wins from one MLB season to the next?

After the 2003 Detroit tigers had a 43 win-119 loss season i remember reading in the newspaper that if in 2004, they tied the record for single season improvement they still would not have a winnning record. I rember working back and calculating that if they tied that record they would have a .500 record (81-81) Therefore even though i didnt remember the actual number, by remebering all of those other facts, I can work backwords and figure out with a calculator that the record is 38.

Which player appeared in 295 career games with the Yankees holds the royals record for most home runs in a single season?

Steve Balboni. Balboni played 295 games for the Yankees from 1981-1983 and hit 36 home runs for the Royals in 1985 which is still the Royals all time season record.

Who scored the most goals in premiership football?

Andrew Cole and Alan Shearer are still tied for the record for scoring the most goals in one season. Cole reached his record in the '94 season and Shearer followed the following season to tie the record in '95.

What are the most home runs hit in a MLB season?

If you mean by an individual player, the answer is Barry Bonds: 73 home runs in 2001. The American League record is still owned by Roger Maris, who hit 61 home runs in 1961. If you mean by a team, that record was set by the Seattle Mariners in 1997 with 264 home runs. If you mean the highest single-season major league total, the most home runs hit in the major leagues in a single season occurred in 2000, with 5,693.

What NFL tight end has the most touchdowns in a season?

Antonio Gates, Vernon Davis, and most recently, Rob Gronkowski on December 4, 2011. Each have scored 13 touchdowns in a single NFL season. Gronkowsi (Patriots) could easily set a new record with a month still left in the 2011 regular season.

What was Tennessee Titans worst regular season record and still made the playoffs?


Who is the division 1a single season receiving touchdown leader?

Troy Edwards Hauled in 27 touchdown passes in 1998 for Louisiana Tech. As far as I know his record still stands. It should be noted that Jerry Rice also had 27 T.d. catches in 1984, but Rice played for Mississippi Valley State a division 1AA or FCS school.

What NHL team had the worst regular season record yet still made the playoffs?


Is kari jobe still single?

Yes she is; and she is enjoying this single season and looks at it as a gift from the Lord, where she can use her freedom to spend time with Him.

Who was All time NHL leading scoring defense men in a season?

Bobby Orr still has the record for most points by a defenceman in a NHL season

How many yards short was Drew Brees for the single-season passing record?

he was 15 yards short, his receiver dropped the winning yards brees needed, the record still eblongs to Dan Marino --------------------- Actually, his receiver dropped the 15 yard completion. Brees was only four yards short. 5069 - 5073

How many home runs did Babe Ruth hit in one season?

The most home runs Babe Ruth ever hit in one season is 60, in 1927. This stood as the single-season home run record until Roger Maris hit 61 in 1961, although many fans discounted Maris' record because the regular season in 1961 was longer than in Ruth's day, 162 games instead of 154. Maris' record was broken in 1998 by Mark McGwire, who hit 70 homers during that season. McGwire's record was soon broken by Barry Bonds, who hit 73 in 2001. That record still stands in 2010. Both McGwire and Bonds have since been associated with baseball's steroids scandal, leading many to discount their records as well.

Which NFL teams have had a perfect season?

1972 Dolphins had (and still have) the perfect record, having won all of their pre-season and regular season games as well as winning the Super Bowl.

Who has the most strikeouts in a season?

actually Charles radbourn had 441 strikeouts but they still don't count that season there for nolan Ryan holds the record with 383 strikeouts

What were the highlights of Wayne Gretzky's hockey career?

Wayne Gretzky still holds the record for most goals in a season (92), most assists in a season (163), and most points in a season (215). He also holds the record for the fastest to 50 goals (39 games).

Which NBA player had the most steals in one season?

The current record for most steals in one NBA season is held by Alvin Robertson of the San Antonio Spurs who had 301 steals in the 1985-86 basketball season. Others have gotten close to this achievement, but Alvin still holds the record.

Worst NFL Record?

Detroit lions 2008 season when they went 0-16. But I still love 'em!

Which MLB player has hit the most home runs at home in a season?

The record is still held by Barry Bonds.

If a experiment does not turn the way you expected should it be recorded still?

i think you should record the results.

Who has the most touch downs in a season Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Tom Brady broke Peyton Manning's record in 2007 by 1 (50 TD's is still the record by Brady)