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Yes, but only with an indirect free kick for the opposing team.

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Q: Should the attacking player be penalised for an offside offense?
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When a player is penalised for offside in netball what is the penalty and where should it be taken?

The ball is given to the opposing team, the penalty is taken from the sense of the infringement

If a defending player shoots the puck over his blue line and a teammate brings the puck back in to the defending zone while attacking players are still in the offensive zone should a delayed offside?

Because the "defending" team brought the puck back into their own attacking zone, even if there are offensive players still in the zone, there would NOT be a delayed offside.

What is awarded if offside should happen in netball?

if offside happens, they give the ball to the opposite team

When an offense player with the ball is approaching a defence player and the offense player had no-one to throw to what should the offense player do?

The of offense player should do tricks and pass through the defender

Do women know the offside rule?

Yes Women very well especially the ones interested in football know the offside rule. only joking its a bit weird if they do. they should go and shop somewhere

Does the offside rule give the benefit of the doubt to the attacker or defender?

should be the attacker but usually the defender

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What happens after an offsides in soccer?

An indirect free kick is awarded to the other team. Indirect meaning that they cannot shoot at goal. things you should note:player cannot be offside if in his or her own half,cannot be offside if he or she receives the ball directly eg from a corner, offside free kick not awarded if player is not affecting play, e.g lying injured

Can you come through the middle of a ruck in rugby?

No. The player in the centre of the ruck should be (a) the ackled player who is grounded and (b) the player who is initially the tackler. if an attacking player breaks through the ruck they must retreat immeadiatley to the rear of their own last player and rejoin. Standing , wating in this area is offside - Penalty kick

Can a football player be penalized fr spiking a football?

If he has done it purposely then he should expect to be penalised however if he has done it accidently then there would be no reason to penalise him.

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