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Yes, I think they should. My school requires an 80 or above average.

Yes they should but I think 80 is a bit high. Some people really struggle to get 50s and 60s. I think that if they really want to play they should get at least a 70. This is not in every subject but an average.

Yes. The point of school is education, not sports. Good grades should be required to participate in any extra curricular activity. If a person is struggling to get good grades, they should focus on studying, not playing sports.

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Q: Should student athletes require to get good grades to play sports?
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Should student athletes have good grades to play sports?

No, I believe that if athletes have passing grades, that will be enough to play sports.

Should athletes get good grades to play Sports?

No, grades and sports performance are different aspects of being a collegiate student-athlete.

Why should colleges want student athletes with higher grades?

No pass, no play. If they make good, high grades then there is a smaller chance of them NOT passing.

Why student athletes should have good grades in order to play sports?

athletes need to have good grades in order to play on after school programs because to have a minimum 2.0 GPA is not hard to ask for and school should come first

Why should student athletes have to get good grades to play sports?

Most schools wil not let you play a sport if you don't have good grades. This is because colleges are

What should athletes do to get good grades?


How should athletes get good grades at sports?

striving hard to get high grades

Should student athletes get good grades to join sports teams?

Yes, and the vast majority of education systems require it. The primary purpose of school is to provide education. All students should be required to meet certain minimum standards to participate in extra-curricular activities of all types.

Should student athletes have to get good grades to play sports?

Yes. If you didn't then you will not care about an education. You will only care about sports. You will then never go to a good college then never get a good job.

How long should teachers keep records of student grades?

all the time

Why should student get paid for having good grades?

for doing well in school

Should student athletes have to get good grades to play good sports?

Some areas of sports require more than physical fitness and skill at the game. It is useful to know certain things like nutrition, biology and physiology, especially if the person in question wants to coach when they are no longer able to play the game itself.

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