Should schools get rid of school sports?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Should schools get rid of school sports?
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Do schools have to uphold scholarships if they get rid of sports?

If schools get rid of sports, they should honor contracts. What they will do in a particular instance is a different question. Frequently the contracts have clauses that let the schools off the hook.

How do you get rid of school principal?

Change schools.

Is there lockers in is.73 for 6th grade?

Most schools have gotten rid of lockers because they get broken into. Call your school and ask them.

Why should you get rid of school uniform?

children are happier in there own clothing

What do schools do to be rid of bullying?

Not enough.

How do you get rid of school teachers?

Parents who have issues with a teacher should make their concerns known by speaking with the school principle and or school board.

What kind of boilers do elementary schools use?

Unless it is a really old school I think most schools have gotten rid of boilers, at least here in CA. I know my school heating system was connected to a satellite that sent the message to turn on/ turn off, hot or cold to the computer in my school. My bet is that many schools are on this type of system now.

Why should the school get rid of vending machines?

it will make people healthier and stay energetic

How do you get rid of medium sized belly?

do sports

What do schools usually do with computers that heyre getting rid of?

Depends on how the school has financed the computers. Large schools like university's lease their computers and if their old the company itself replaces them. Smaller school may have bought the computers themselves. So they probably just throw them away.