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Q: Should schools drop high school football?
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Related questions

How should my friend convince her mom to let her change schools?

make your grades drop and say this school is bad and say that school is better

What age can you legally drop out of school in Tennessee?

not that you ever should drop out of school, you can legally drop out at age 16

What education is needed to be a pro football player?

go to school then drop out

How old do you have to be to drop out of school in Maryland?

I don't know about the schools in Maryland but where I'm from you have to be 16.

How many teens drop out of school in dominican?

All of them since they have no schools because they suck

What year did Tom Delonge drop out of school?

Tom Delonge didn't drop out of high school. He was expelled from one school, I believe for getting caught with alcohol at a football game if I remember it right, and went to another school. But he graduated, in 1993 I believe

Should people be able to drop out of high schools?

You shouldn't because your a dumbazz

What percentage of students drop out of year round school?

As of 2001, over 3000 schools had year round schools. That's less then 4 percent.

What age you should drop out of school?

I think that the appropriate age to drop out of school would have to be 11 :) you should be around 16yrs old because you should know all the knowlege that you should know around that time.

Why do you drop out of high school?

Drop out of school i dont think that is a good idea for anyone you need your education. But maybe if you do [IF] you should get a job

Should kids be allowed to drop out of school why or why not?

no they should not because they not because you need to go to school to get a good education in the future.

Can you drop out of school in Ohio with parents permission at the age of 16?

no you can not in Ohio they have the best schools but nobody beats Harvard university in Illinois but no u still cant drop out srry:(

Can you drop out of school in the 9th grade?

Yes i did you should too

Can you drop out of school at 16 in Ontario?

Yes it should be legal

What to do when your 17 wont go to school?

If you can not get your 17 year old to go to school, you can contact the schools truancy office. Depending on the age limit in your state, a 17 year old may be able to drop out of school

If you drop out of school when you are 18 can you get into trouble?

Sure you can get into touble if you drop out of school, but you don't have to drop out of school to get into trouble.

What percent of veterinary students drop out?

In the United States, the drop-out rate for veterinary schools is extremely low, probably less than 1%. Students who have been accepted to vet school have worked for years and are highly qualified and competent to complete the vet school curriculum.

What to tell board of education to drop out of school?

You should tell the board that you would like to drop out of school because my life is so busy. Lay it on them hard!!! I would recommend not dropping out of school though.

How old to drop out of high school in Illinois?

Old? An old person is a wise person and its not wise to drop out of school for anyone. What ever it is that is troubling this person, there is help out there and they should finish school. Even if they dont want to go to college or dont think they can, they should finish high school, they will be glad they did.

Is a drop 7.5 bat allowed in middle school baseball?

We live in Northern Delaware and the middle school teams, including parochial and private schools follow the rules for High School. These rule allow a drop of -3 on any non-wooden bat. So my answer is to check with your middle school and see what rules they follow.

Why is percentage of girl dropouts from schools higher than boy dropouts?

It is not. A higher percentage of boys drop out of school than girls.

Are there good schools in Mexico?

Schools' in Mexico are good, but most kids drop out because they can't afford to stay in that school. Also there are about 70 kids per classroom, so it's pretty packed.

What is zambian school like?

Zambian schools like any normal school except you have to pay after year 7. Most people drop out at year 7 because that is when the money has to be payed.

What causes school drop-outs in kenyan primary schools?

lack of motivation, role model, overcrowded curriculum, too much expectation form the learner

Why can't kids under 17 or 18 drop out of school?

I think kids under 17 or 18 should be able to drop out

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