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I'd say it depends on your anatomy and what clothes you prefer to run in.

I've never used one, and never been troubled by any discomfort from my genitals.


Runners should definitely wear jockstraps. A jockstrap pulls your genitals in against your body so they don't bounce or get sore while you run.

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2016-10-06 13:43:56
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Q: Should runners wear jock straps
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Do runners wear jock straps?

Yes, many runners do.

Should boys wear jock straps while swimming noncompetative?

No. No need to wear jock straps during any form of swimming, normal swimming trunks will suffice

What do rounder officials wear?

jock straps

Why do you wear jock straps?

You can wear a jock strap to hold a protective cup in place, if it has a pouch for it. Jock straps are also worn to hold the penis and testicles in place while you work out.

What do cheerleaders wear under their boots?

jock straps

Do gay guys wear jock straps?

Gay guys have the same genitals as straight guys. Anyone regardless of sexual orientation might choose to use jock straps for certain sports.

What underwear is best?

jock straps are for only sport it is up to you what you wear i wear boxers i may start wear Calvin klein brifes

Should you wear a jock to play lacrosse?


Should boys wear jock straps all the time?

Yes. With stupid boys arround now, being hit in the privates at a young age can be very upsetting in later life.

Do youth league athletes wear jock straps?

Yes. A lot of youth sports leagues require athletic supporters and/or cups.

Do men wear jock straps to work out?

Answer I work out on a regular basis and have allways worn a jock. I like the bike brand best Answer Some do, some don't. I've never seen the point.

When should you wear jock strap underwear?

You should wear a jock strap if you need to be wearing a cup - so for sports where you might get hit. You should also wear a jock strap for support for running, working out, gym class, etc, even if a cup is not required.

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