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Yes Of course

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2009-07-01 10:42:28
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Q: Should other countries go to Pakistan for playing cricket match?
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Should India play cricket with Pakistan or not?

Yes it should and if we can win the match

What is the number 2 sport in the world?

I reckon , It must be Cricket....coz by popularity as well as countries & people playing this sport cricket should be the #2 sport in the world !!

What changes should be in Pakistan?

give information about neighobur countries of Pakistan

Who will win the war between India and Pakistan?

Everyone should now this that even if Pakistan doesnt win Pakistan will always and i do mean always will be the best for people who are pakistanis so Pakistan cricket team we love u

Is cricket haraam?

No it is not haraam but if you are playing it when you should not (i.e reading namaaz) then it is haraam.

Should Sachin tendulkar continue playing cricket or join the Indian Team as a coach?

yes sachin tendulkar should joint indian team as a coach because he is a god of cricket

How high is a cricket wicket?

The top of the stump should be 28 in/71.1cm above the playing surface according to the laws of cricket. (Rajaram S from

What will happen to Pakistan cricket team in near future after terror attack occur to Srilanka cricket team?

They should give up because they lost 7 in a row to the auzzies drop mohammed useless and he drives fast cars

Where can you learn how to play cricket?

The best way to learn cricket is to go to a cricket coaching class where a coach will teach you the techniques and methods.There are cricket coaching classes almost all the countries, because many children, especially boys, like to play cricket.Cricket can also be learnt by watching cricket matches and by playing in our house.

What Pakistan save?

Currently, the situation is not good. One who want to travel to Pakistan should take all necessary precautionary measures. Most of the Cities of Pakistan are safe but, USA, UK and other countries have issued guidelines for their citizens to be careful while traveling to Pakistan.

Which password should you login in galli cricket?


What should you not do in cricket?

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