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More money should be spent on academics rather than athletics in school. This is because school is created to educate students rather than to make money via athletics or create athletes.

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Q: Should more money be spent on athletics or academics at school?
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Are school sports good or bad affecting how kids do in school?

It's important to provide enough money to support athletics in High School, but it should not hurt academics subjects and art program.

Why are we Cutting high school athletics?

to save money

Co curricular activities are not important?

they are sometimes counted as not important because they take up the school's money (budget cuts) to get those activities and that means in the school will not have enough money to pay for academics

Why should a school have soda machines?

So the school can get money.

What does the world revolve around more academics or sports?

Some may say Sports but the definite answer is academics. Less than 1% of people in the world become professional athletes, because of this very few people will make money just off of playing sports. Therefore having to go to school, get a decent job, and make money of there own.

Are private schools good?

Probably not if the academics are not high and good due to the costings of the private school. Private schools are a totally waste of money. Even if the scores are high, you can still go to public schools to save money.

Should children get paid to go to school?

The drive to go to school should not be money. The drive should be to succeed and excel yourself. Education is a privilege.

Why should teachers teach summer school?

For extra money.

Should every school have a canteen?

yes every school should have a canteen because the school profits from it and can make more money to buy materials or products for the kids.

Should school uniforms be allowed?

yes because it makes school neater and students do not have to overthink what they should wear to school. it saves money and time. uniforms show a form of organization of school.

Should Elimination of school sports to help to save money?


Should vending machines not be allowed in school?

it should be allowed in school unless kids dont want the food from the vending machines and it also should be allowed because the teachers can raise money for the school and it helps.

How much do colleges receive in athletic scholarship money?

College and Universities are allotted a number of scholarships they are allowed to give out. Student Athletes on "scholarship" may also receive other financial aid from other sources our outside of athletics... ex. academics.... A student athlete community can help you with your research.

Why are corporate sponsors important to college athletics?

They provide money for the program .

Should tax payer money be used to fund a high school swimming pool?

no it should it. it should go for education

What do you do if school gave you money from a fundraiser?

If the school gave a person money from a fundraiser, it will depend on what the money was for or what they asked them to do with the money. If the person is supposed to keep it safe and give it to someone, they should carry out the instructions and not keep it. If it was a fundraiser put together for that person's benefit, thank the school and put the money towards its intended use.

What should you say if someone asks you to a school dance but they were paid money to do it?

"No, thank you."

Should kids pay to do school actities?

No because the family mite not have the money.

Need living expense money while going to school to support my children?

You should consider getting a part time job while you are in school. You can also apply to get a grant or a scholarship to have extra money when you are in school.

Do world record holders in athletics get paid?

No,They don't get money

How do you raise money for Catholic school?

Not real sure what you are asking, but with most Catholic school fundraisers, you should ask your teacher.

Should you have a free period at school?

It would be nice, but the school would have to have money to hire extra teachers to have those periods.

Why Should students get paid for go to school?

Simple: Most students like money... getting/spending money. Especially getting money. Paying students to attend school will encourage them to attend more, making it easier for the school to get things such as grants that depend on the amount of students attending their school daily.

Do you need to file taxes if you did not work but received money from school?

IF the amount of the money that you received from the school is taxable income YES you should file a 1040 federal income tax return.

What do to if your school had extra money?

if our school has extra money they should have to do the students tution fee less becoz their are many poor students that the poor students will pay fee at the time