Should gaa players get paid

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Paying the players would ruin the game's heart and ethos. GAA players play for the love of the sport and for their local people, from where they come from. This means they play with more intent. The only time professional sports people have that kind of motivation is when they play for their country. In professional sports, players don't have a real connection to their team, as it is just a job, and they could be playing against that team if they change. They only have that sense of duty and belonging when they are playing for their country.

It would not be possible to sustain a professional game, because of the amount of players and teams is so large in a small country. Many GAA players have jobs anyway, so they are playing for the love of the sport, not to earn money. The only thing they should get is expenses, and support if they get injured and are unable to work in their normal jobs.

For these, and many other reasons, the GAA should not pay its players.

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Q: Should gaa players get paid
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How much does a GAA manager get paid?

The GAA is an amateur organisation so GAA players and managers do not get paid. Many would all have their own jobs or be students, and their GAA activities are basically done in their own time, in the same way that many people are involved in sports. Players and managers do get expenses and occasionally some payments.

GAA how much was originally per side in GAA?

Initially there were 21 players a side, whereas now it is 15.

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Who plays number seven on Kildare GAA team?

Different players take that position, so there is no single answer to your question.

How does a GAA transfer work?

There is no official transfer system in GAA as the sports are amateur. Players typically play for the same teams, though they may change if they go to live in a different part of the country or leave the country.

What number is Bernard Brogan for the Dublin GAA team?

GAA players don't have fixed numbers, so he would not always play with the same number. He is often at left corner forward, so that would be number 15.

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