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Q: College players should get paid for playing for a colldege?
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Should college players get paid for playing football?

Yes because they are doing the same work as pro players no they should not because they are on scholarships or being paid to go to school

Should college football players leave college early to go to the nfl?


Should college basketball players be paid to play basketball?


What is the NBA Development League?

The NBA Development League (NBDL) is a league in which poorly playing players or undrafted college players go to prove that they should play in the NBA. If the players are good enough, they may be called up by an NBA team.

In a college game how many players should be on the court?

10 in basketball.

Should college basketball players get paid?

in a way they do by getting scholarships.

What are the reasons a college should have a football team?

So players get into the nfl

Must rugby players be paid for playing rugby?

i reckon they should but there just overpaid

Should youth hockey players drink water or gatroide after playing hockey?

While water rehydrates the players, Gatorade rehydrates and replenishes lost electrolytes in the players. (Chocolate milk is another useful recovery drink that should be drunk no more than 30 minutes after playing.)

How many people can play volleyball at 1 time?

there should be 12 players playing (6 on each side of the net) there should be 5 players on each side of the net

Should the NFL draft players from college early?

Likely no, as players who come out early rarely have developed sufficient football skills to last in the NFL.

How many people play vollyball?

there should be 12 players playing (6 on each side of the net)

Do Hispanic Baseball players pay US Taxes?

mexicans should not be playing baseball it is an american sport

What goals should students have?

They should # Try to get straight A's # Look forward to college (or next grade) # Try to do that while playing sports

What are the requirements of entering the program of study in professional basketball?

To get into professional basketball players should play at a college level. Height is also a good factor, most players stand at 7 feet tall.

When can baseball players wear metal cleats?

As soon as they begin playing in a league called Babe Ruth. Should be about 13 or 14.

Should NCAA athletes be paid?

Yes, I think they should be paid. I have 8 reasons:It will help teach financial responsibility.It might keep more players in school.It will help players adjust to college, socially and economically.Playing football is a job, not P.E.Players risk getting hurt for school.If the player gets hurt, they can't play anymore, and they can't make anymore money.If NCAA college football makes money, players should too.College educations are already expensive.

Do baseball players wear jocks with a cup?

They should, and the catcher normally does. It's usually a safety rule for catchers in High School and college sports.

Should metal bats be banned from College Baseball?

Yes it should be because soon after their college career, baseball players must face faster, better pitchers with weaker, wooden bats, causing bad starts to many rookie careers. With baseball bats that are wooden in college, scouts can help their team much more from more accurate results. No, because if college players used wooden bats there would be a lot more no hitters. That's why they have the Minor leauges

Do you need to stand behind your partner when they are hitting their ball so that you don't get hit----I've seen players stand in the line of fire----what is the rule on this?

On a tee shot, then yes, you should always stand behind the player. But when players are playing their approaches, you can stand where ever you like. However, it should not be in the players line of play. Better players know where to stand, and this helps speed up play, and if you are playing with a good player you know they're going to hit it straight anyway.

How many players should be on the court in volleyball?

6 people i think because I'm playing volleyball in gym and we played in with 6 people

How should a coach relate to his players and team officials?

he should treat the players like he their teacher and he should still be nice to them

What should you do after loosing a game?

One should thank the other players, if any, for the game, since playing is more important than winning. After, one should reflect on the course of the play and how, if appropriate, to ameliorate his/her play. If other players are present, they might help you in figuring how to improve. Be graceful in defeat.

Should gaa players get paid?

Paying the players would ruin the game's heart and ethos. GAA players play for the love of the sport and for their local people, from where they come from. This means they play with more intent. The only time professional sports people have that kind of motivation is when they play for their country. In professional sports, players don't have a real connection to their team, as it is just a job, and they could be playing against that team if they change. They only have that sense of duty and belonging when they are playing for their country. It would not be possible to sustain a professional game, because of the amount of players and teams is so large in a small country. Many GAA players have jobs anyway, so they are playing for the love of the sport, not to earn money. The only thing they should get is expenses, and support if they get injured and are unable to work in their normal jobs. For these, and many other reasons, the GAA should not pay its players.

Why should college be free?

who said college should be free?