Should female compete with male in sports?

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Yes I dont think that a girl cant enjoy another sport that boys do

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Q: Should female compete with male in sports?
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Male sports that females compete in?

Females compete in many sports events that were predominately male sports in the past. Auto racing, football, and baseball are just a few sports that females compete in.

I love sports so what type of career should you do?

Depends what kind oh sports you like, and if your a male or female.

Why are women not taken serious in sports?

i believe that female sport should be taken seruously as males sports sats show that 96% of intetrnational tv news is about male sports it not that there are not many females playing sports or ther isnt much female sports its just the world dosent advitise much female sports one event that female and male sports ge avtised is in the olmpics

Why do male sports get more coverage than female sports?

More viewers watch male sports. More advertisers support male sports.

Why women should compete with male in sports?

To make their selves better. They could make their selves faster by competing with them and trying to bet them!

What do walrus their tusks for?

Male walrus fight with other male walrus to compete for female walrus.

Did a Male compete as a Woman in Berlin at the 1936 Olympics?

Yes a male did compete as a female in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin for the German Team... His female name was Dora Ratjen for the games but was later discovered to be a male callled Herman Ratjen.

Is there more male sports opportunities or female?

Equal for highschool, more pro for male, more coverage of male sports

Which Olympic sport do both male and female compete together?

Figure Skating pairs where a male and female compete together on the same 'team'. Equestrian where males and females compete against each other in the same event. what about mixed pairs badminton

Why female play male sports?

because if a female is very good at the sport then that female might join male sports and because females might want to play that that sport

How do you say sports fan in German?

Sports fan = Sportsfreund (male) Sports fan = Sportsfreundin (female)

What sports are strickly for males at the Olympics games?

none the sports are for everyone male and female

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