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Q: Should elite performers and organisations consider the nature of a sponsors product before sponsorship?
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How do you get sponsorship for concert?

Check out this post on using Sponsorship Factory to find sponsors. You can also find some other tips in this article:

Types of sponsorship?

One type of sponsorship is sports sponsorship. This is where a company sponsors a team or player. Another type of sponsorship is non-profit sponsorship. This is where a person or company donate funds to a charity.

Do professional bowlers get sponsors?

Many professional bowlers have sponsorship arrangements.

How did Leif Ericsson get sponsorship?

He had no sponsors. He supplied his own ship and supplies.

What is sponsorship- linked marketing?

Sponsorship-linked marketing is when a business refers to their sponsors in their ads. This helps creates additional goodwill for both companies.

Does sponsorship pay Usain Bolt to race?

Yes, because when he races, he advertises for the sponsors.

How does sponsorship make a football club money?

The sponsors pay the club to advertise their products or name.

Why does the Olympics not have sponsors?

The Olympics do have sponsors ("partners"). Coca-Cola, for one, have sponsored the Olympics for almost 100 years. The link below contains a very brief history of Olympic sponsorship.

What has the author Richard Gilmore written?

Richard Gilmore has written: 'Sponsorship' -- subject(s): Walk to Emmaus movement, Sponsors

How can your sports team get corporate sponsorship?

Honestly you have to be an amazing team...just like crazy awesome. Once your that then your name will be out there and reach out to corporate sponsors.

How much does a walk of fame star cost?

The cost for a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame is $30,000. This is a sponsorship fee and is paid by whoever sponsors the celebrity.

How freeonline websites like facebook Gmail earns?

They use sponsorship - or they carry advertising. The sponsors or advertisers pay to have their content displayed on the web-site.