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No. Even though Badminton and Tennis have similar components, they require completely different strengths and tactics.

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Yes,unless you train hard then you can be a professional badminton player to represent your own country.

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get the best coach, lots and lots of practice, and a good fitness regime

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A badminton player is a person who plays badminton, either professionally or for pleasure.

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Q: Should badminton player play tennis
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What sports do people play in Taiwan?

Basketball,Volleyball,Football,Tennis,Table Tennis,Badminton.

Why does Lee Chong Wei love tennis when he plays badminton instead?

i play baseball, but i love cricket.. its possible to love something different than what you play. maybe he gets tired of badminton, and plays tennis instead, which happens to be somewhat similar... he just might not be as good at tennis as he is at badminton.

Is Badminton important to Lee Chong Wei?

No, he loves to play tennis.

What spot did Henry viii play at Hampton court palace?

it was tennis or badminton

How 2 play badminton?

to play Badminton you need two tennis rackets and a shuttle -Cock which is as special kind of ball that has a mini net arount it! heres a pic:

What sports do kids play?

Football or as they call it in the U.S, soccer. They also play tennis, badminton, swimming, table tennis, rugby, cricket, baseball, running and cycling.

What sports do people in Bangkok play?

Bowling, tennis, ice skating, boxing, Badminton, and cycling

How do you play badminton properly?

Playing badminton follows the same rules as tennis, except that instead of a tennis ball, you use a birdie (which moves much more slowly) and instead of a tennis racket you use a badminton racket (which is pretty much the same thing). You have to hit the birdie so that it goes over the net, but not out of bounds. Simple.

Who can play tennis?

Millions of people play tennis. From high school tennis teams to professional tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon, people all over the world play tennis.

How many player's can play badminton?

Only Four

What do you call a person that play tennis?

tennis player

What is a birde in badminton is actually really called?

its d ball like in tennis but played different