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Boys really should wear jockstraps for sports that require a cup, and for running and working out to support the genitals.

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Q: Should all boys wear jockstraps
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Should boys wear jockstraps while swimming?

depends but yea i do. By all means Boys of any age who wear Board shorts must wear a regular jockstrap if they cant fit into a bike swimmer jockstrap. The mesh lining in most swim suits provide no support. Swimmer jockstraps are also good under Speedo swimsuits for training since the swimsuits get loose after a few months. In private pools swimmer jockstraps are great for a better sun tan while swimming or suntanning. Nylon and lycra swimmer jockstraps are made for swimmers.

Do some teens wear jockstraps in gym class?

Some schools actually require all boys to wear them. Even if it's not a requirement, some guys do wear them. It would probably be a good idea.

What jeans should boys wear?

if they are worn at all they should not fit tight as it looks unsightly

Does Andrew flintoff wear a jockstrap?

All male cricketers wear jockstraps to hold the box.Is a "box" what we call a "cup" in America?You should really ask that as a separate question; I believe they are the same - they both protect the male genitals.

Do guy's in highschool wear jockstraps for phys ed?

Some guys do, yes. Some schools require everyone to wear jockstraps for PE. It's a good idea regardless - better to keep yourself protected and supported.

Why boys wear under wear?

Balls. that is all

What age should a boy wear a jockstrap?

When playing sports, especially rough ones, boys of all ages should protect themselves with a jock. Boys at the age and activity level that a jock and or jock /cup should be started in pee wee baseball, soccer. Then 6yr old and up who play basketball a regular jockstrap should be given to the boy and it should be mandatory. Boys who skateboarder must be strapped and cupped for safety along with all the other padding and helmets they need. Boys who ride Bikes for long distances should just wear a good fitting jockstrap under his sweats or cargo shorts all the time. All boys that Dive when swimming must wear a jockstrap under their board shorts. Teens might just wish t switch to wearing a jockstrap as regular under wear. I agree. Jock straps can be worn as regular underwear especially during the summer time weather or if you are in Florida, year around. Underwear jockstraps are made from soft cotton so they do not cause a rash.

What should an 11 year old wear to a wedding in october?

You should wear a sagging, poopy diaper that can be seen by everyone (don't wear anything but the diaper) oh yeah. all males ( boys ) should wear bra along with it!

What should you wear to your friends birthday casual house party?

well, it depends. Who will all be there? Boys? Cute boys? if that then I would wear a cute aeropostale shirt, regular light jeans & sperrys.

Why do boys wear underwear when they sleep?

Because we want to, not all boys do.

Do boys wear underwear when they sleep?

Because we want to, not all boys do.

Can boys wear a dress in pubic?

Yes they can it is their choice however they should expect on to receive a warm welcome by all, but clothes are clothes and wear what you want

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