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If the catcher has a good enough arm to, then yes. It is the fastest way.

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Q: Should a softball catcher throw to second from her knees?
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What is the stike of softball?

A strike in softball is when a pitcher pitches a softball to the batter [located in the batter box in front of the catcher] and the batter misses. When it is a strike, it is thrown in a particular area from the batter's armpits to the bottom of their knees.

Where are the strikeing zones in softball?

For fastpitch softball normally it is from your shoulders to ur knees or i think it has changed to your chest or as i know it as (boob region..... lol) to your knees

How high should a softball pitch be?

No higher than shoulders and sometimes that's a bit high. No lower than knees. If I was a pitcher, for practicing I'd give myself a strike zone of chest to knees.

What is a description of the strike zones in softball-?

The strike zones in softball is the way that you hit the ball. Usually the strike zone is from knees to the chest.

Should you replace both knees at same time?

No, you should have one replaced at a time, and do the second only after the first heals.

How do you bunt in a game of baseball or softball?

well you bend your knees a little bit and then you hold your bat in front of you.

Why would you slide into base in a softball game?

well if a player has the ball and is about to tag you you can slide under the ball. if its a play at home and the catcher has the ball, you slide in and knock the catcher down the ball pops out of the glove you are safe, sliding can also prevent injuries. well you slide in at home! if it is close and you are not sure if you are going to get out you should slide in! make sure that you have a sliding pad! :)if not you will get bloody knees:( and if there is a play at home and you dont slide you will be out!:(

What are sliding socks used for in softball?

softball players don't always wear long pants, so they wear sliding pads or shorts to avoid cutting their knees or leg.

Strike zones in softball?

It is between the batters forward armpit and the top of the knees when the batter assumes a natural batting stance.

In 10u softball How big is the girls pitching circle?

The pitching circle is to your shoulder's , elbow , knees, and all around in a circle!

What are 2 joints in the are you can hurt while playing softball?

All of them. But rotator cuffs usually go first for pitchers and knees for catchers.

What is the strike zone in fast pitch softball?

Some umpires will call a little differently, but the average is between the letters on your jersey to your knees

Do volleyball knee pads have more cushion than softball knee pads?

yeahh, they have alot more padding that softball knee pads. volleyball players have to be protected while their diving onto their knees and such. softball players (mostly only the younger ones wear knee pads) dont need as much padding on their knees because although they dive and slide, it is usually not onto their knees. gym floors are also alot harder and hurt worse than the ground (i know from experience! lol)

Describe the strike zone in softball?

For fast pitch softball, international play and NCAA is bottom of the shoulders to lower portion of the knees. And the width of the plate. NOTE: Due to size of the ball the strike zone in softball can seem wider than MLB, but it's similar. Also the rules of the batters box differ between softball and baseball.

Where is the strikezone in slowpitch softball?

The same place as fast pitch strike zone. above the knees, below the chest, and on the corners or in the middle of the plate.

What is the difference between the tuck and pike position?

In tuck, your knees are bent. In pike, your knees should be straight.

When lifting heavy objects you should?

Bend your knees.

When do you genuflect on two knees?

When the Blessed Sacrament is on the Altar for adoration one should genuflect on two knees and profoundly bow.

What is the strike zone for college fast pitch softball?

It changes depending on the umpire, but it usually is between the letters of the jersey (or her chest) and her knees, and from the outside of the plate to the inside of the plate.

How big is strikezone in fastpitch softball?

The strike zone is the area over home plate from the top of the player's arm pits to their knees when the batter assumes a natural stance.

Should you lock your knees while doing a barbell curl?

No no no! Locking your knees while exercising in any way can cause joint problems and hyper-extension. Never lock your knees!

Woman's hosiery should be what?

i think the hosiery should be above the knees and above the thighs.

Why do camels have thick leathery knees?

camels have thick knees for two reasons, first because they carry burden and second to stop the sand burning them when they kneel down.

What is the weakest part of an cow?

The answer is actually the knees. the belly is protected by fat, the knees are the weakest. if you find yourself on its head, hit the jaw, its the second weakest.

What is an average strike zone dimension in softball?

us players uaslly just go by your letters on your jersey to your knees! and of coarse every umpires stirk zone may vary!