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Yes soccer players should and do wear protection to prevent injury's. All soccer players are required to wear shinguard's. These are under the socks and some are even built in the sock. Other you slide over your foot and there is spandex covering your calf, while some are just a stretchy strap on the top and a thicker material wrapping around your ankle on the bottom these ones prevent your legs from getting sweaty. Also some players wear knee braces and/or ankle braces located over their shinguard's and socks. If you have had a injury to the knee or ankle you should definitely consider a brace. Lastly male players should wear an athletic cup.

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Q: Should a soccer player wear protection to prevent injury?
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Should sports player where protection?

In contact sports yes

Why does football require football pads?

To prevent any injury that a player could receive if there were no pads. Football is a hard contact sport.

Should a physio ask before going on to the pitch to treat a rugby player?

Yes in case the player is faking their injury

How do cleats affect a player's movement in football?

Having the correct footwear can improve a football player's performance and prevent injury. Those two factors are critical in a sport like football.

What is the difference between direct and indirect injury?

In a sport, an indirect injury is when you are hurt, but not by another player. A direct injury is when you are harmed by another player.

What happens if an NFL player gets hurt?

it all depends on the injury, because the injury determines what happens to the player.

Does a Referee have to stop the game if a player is injured but not involved with play?

No. A referee will only stop the game in case of serious injury or the possibility of further injury if play should continue.

What is the disadvantage of being a football player?


How will pulling your hand backwards while catching a ball prevent a player from injury?

Pulling the hand backwards reduces the difference in speed between the ball and the hand catching/stopping the ball. This reduces the impact force of the ball on the hand, reducing the possibility of injury.

Injuries in football?

Roughly every player gets hurt, like knee injury, ankle injury, groin injury , head injury and hamstring are common injuries.

What do you do if in football a player has a head injury but the other team is about to score?

Should it be serious, then you call the emergency services if your country have them. The score is incidental.

What type of CD player is best to use when working out?

You should get one with enough anti skip protection to take your workout.

If a player has a multi year contract in the NFL and sustains an injury that will keep him from playing longer than 1 year must a team pay him until he has recovered even if they want to release him?

No, a team does not have to keep the injured player and may release him. In order to release a player, the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article XII (Injury Protection), stipulates that an Injury Settlement with the player must be reached prior to his release. Section 2 of Article XII says: "Section 2. Benefit: A player qualifying under Section 1 above will receive an amount equal to 50% of his contract salary for the season following the season of injury, up to a maximum payment of $275,000, if he is released pursuant to Section 1(c) above in the 2006-08 League Years unless he has individually negotiated more injury protection or a larger guaranteed salary into his contract. This amount shall be increased to $300,000 in the 2009 League Year and, if they are Uncapped Years, in the 2010-11 League Years; to $325,000 in the 2010-11 League Years, if they are Capped Years; and to $350,000 in the 2012 League Year. A player will receive no amount of any contract covering any season subsequent to the season following the season of injury, except if he has individually negotiated injury protection into that contract. The benefit will be paid to the player in equal weekly installments commencing no later than the date of the first regular season game, which benefit payments will cease if the player signs a contract for that season with another Club. A player will not be entitled to such benefit more than once during his playing career in the NFL, and such benefit shall be reduced by any salary guaranteed to the player for the season following the season of injury."

What are the disadvantages of being a nba player?

there is a chance of injury

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a NFL player?

serious injury

How can i use padded in a sentence?

The tiger padded back and forth, stopping now and then to gaze through the bars. Another example would be: In order to prevent head injury, the football player wore a padded helmet.

What kind of protection does the Sony DNF340 Portable CD Player have against skipping?

The Sony DNF340 Portable CD Player has Skip-Free G Protection.

What do you do if in soccer somebody gets agresive?

It depends on the type of aggression. If the player is putting other players at risk of injury then the referee should give the aggressive player a warning or a red card. Soccer is an aggressive game, if the player isn't breaking any rules then you should also be more aggressive.

In netball if two player collide what should be given?

A contact call is made by the player who caused the contact to be made. This is not neccessarily the player who contacted. They are made to stand out of play and the game continues unless an injury occured during the collision. xo

What is a NFL injury timeout?

Stopping the game because a player is hurt.

Can a player on injured reserve be on the field?

It depends on the injury. Most will be in rehab.

If a soccer player gets injured is he out for the season?

he is not if its not a bad injury. he is if its bad.

Is Corey niles a singer and basketball player?

he is a basketball player but after an injury he decided to pursue music as a rapper

How do rules prevent injuries?

Having (and following) rules in sports reduces the likelihood of an injury by disallowing and/or penalizing actions that carry a high risk of causing injury. For example, in American football it is illegal to pull on the face mask of another player. That's because of the high risk of causing a serious neck injury, up to and including permanent paralysis, by grabbing the helmet and yanking the head forward and downward.

What does boarding in ice hockey mean?

Violently hit, or slam a player into the boards. If an injury occurs, it is a major penalty. If there is no injury, it is a minor penalty.