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Up to the skater, if it gets in your way then put it up if not then leave it down and rock it

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2012-01-01 01:08:24
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Q: Should a skater with shoulder length hair tie it up?
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A 4mm brush will work well for shoulder hair and should detangle it well.

What should you do with your shoulder-length hair with a fringe?

Cut it off and get a pixiecut

Can you get a perm with shoulder length hair?


How should you cut your short brown hair. It's about chin length and meduim brown?

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A ceramic spiral curling iron would be the most effective in curling shoulder length hair. Spring curling irons are fairly outdated.

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it depends how long or short your hair is, shoulder length hair is about £25

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Short hair is about shoulder length or above and long hair is shoulder length or below. And i have something else to say. Please send me a message on my message board. I would love to talk with you.

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