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well it depense on if the 6 year old can run fast or not

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When I was eight I ran a mile in 6:30 but, that is over average. Probably most eight year olds should run it in about 8:10.

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Q: Should a six year old be running a mile?
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Is a 918 mile a good time for a 13 year old boy?

No, that's not very good. A 13 year old boy should be running 6:10 to 6:20. I'm almost 13 and have a 6:21 mile.

What is the slowest mile run by 70 year old man?

the slowest mile ever was ...... wait he is still running

How much should a 15 year old male be running in a week and how much daily?

about 5 miles a week and a half of a mile a day

how fast should I be able to run as a 10 year old?

15 mph sprinting full speed is average for a 10 year old. Also, a 10 year old to run a mile in 9 min and 45 sec running as fast as they can.

How long should it take a 9-12 year old to run a mile?

This should take a 9-12 year old to run a mile is 6-9 min.

How fast should a 60 year old walk a mile?

At 71 I walk a mile 14 min 17 sec and run a mile 11min 55 sec.