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I would imagine this could be interpreted as interference.

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Q: Should a batter be called out on a foul ball when he intentionally kicks it out of course?
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Yes you can pinch hit for a batter once he is pitched to, but of course the new batter starts his at bat with the count of the batter previous.

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If the batter intentionally or accidently kicks the ball, he is considered out. Any contact after a batted ball by the batter is an out. See the rules, 6 (batter), and 7 (runner) in the link below. Keep in mind that the offensive players on the field are the batter and runners. If the ball makes incidental contact with an offensive player (as opposed to intentional on the part of a defensive player) before the ball contacts a defensive player, the offensive player is out. One exception to this is when a ball contacts a batter in the batter's box, provided the batter is not swinging on a third strike, in which case he is out. Ball contact with the batter mean he takes first, with the one exception of course.

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