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It depends which way he is throwing the ball. If he is twisting his wrist he could hurt his elbow and end up seriously injured. Only adults should twist their wrist when throwing a curve ball. There is a way to throw a curve ball without hurting your arm though. What you do is you get your grip on the Baseball and throw the ball like a football. I throw my curves this way and they are pretty nasty.

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Q: Should a 9 year old be throwing a curve ball?
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Should a 13 year old boy pitch 65 to 69 mph?

Pitching a fast ball at 69 mph will not harm a 13 year old. A 13 year old should not be allowed to pitch a curve ball or any other pitch that may hurt his pitching arm. Curve balls should never be pitched by any boy under the age of 16.

When is the right age to throw a curve ball?

Before the age of 16, a boy's arms do not have enough calcium in them to keep them from deforming from the stresses of throwing a curve ball. To be on the safe side, as well as to give enough time prepare for either a college or pro team, the junior year of high school would probably be the earliest time to allow it.

What is the best way for a 12-year-old to throw a curveball?

12 year olds shouldn't throw curve balls. Too hard on the elbow. Stick to the change up. Palm the ball, use the same arm angle and wait until after puberty for throwing junk. If you can teach him the knuckle ball, that might be useful.

Is it safe to for a twelve year old boy to attempt to pitch a breaking ball or curve ball?

they can throw one maybe 3 times a game but not for every batter

Should a 12 year old throw curve balls?

No it will hurt your arm little buddy

Does the heaver bowling ball knock down more pins?

Yes. However this is not the main determining factor. The easiest answer is that one should throw the heaviest ball that is easy for them to swing while maintaining control. That may be a 14 pound ball instead of a 16 pound. The difference the weight would make in this case is marginal. The main difference would be in the revolution/rotation of the ball as well as speed/accuracy where it is contacts the pocket.Obviously my eight year old throwing a six pound ball is going to knock down fewer pins than i am throwing a 16 pound ball. However if thrown accurately, I can knock down most to all of the pins pretty consistently throwing the six pound bowl myself.

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How fast should a 13 year old throw?

any spped, the faster/accurate it is the better u are at throwing.

How long should a ball python be when it is almost a year old?

should be around 2ft in lenght

Who is the hardest throwing 14 year old?

Pitcher for Team Gwinnett, Brian Jarrell, is the hardest throwing 14 year old.

What size netball should a 10 year old play with?

I believe they should be playing with a size 5 ball

Should a 14 year old boy have ball aches?

It's normal and ok.

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