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Northern hemisphere (Sharks) is Sale near Manchester, Southern hemisphere Super 14 team is Durban, Natal, South Africa.

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Q: Sharks rugby team hails from which city?
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The sharks rugby team hails from the city?

Stockport, Just outside Manchester.

The sharks rugby team hails from which city?

If ou refer to the Sale Sharks they come from Stockport just outside Manchester. UK.

Provincial rugby team has a shark on its emblem?

The Sharks

What rugby team does Pat Lambi play for?


How many times have the SA Sharks rugby team won the super 14?

The Sharks franchise has never won a Super rugby final.

Has sale sharks english rugby union?

Yes there is a union team in the English league called Sale Sharks

Where did sharks rugby team came from?

There are a number of teams named the Sharks. However, the most notable are from A - Durban, natal, South Africa (Super 14) B - Sale, Nr Manchester UK C - NRL (Rugby League) team Cronulla Sharks.

Where can someone go to learn more about Sale Sharks?

The Sale Sharks are a rugby team. Interested sports fans can find out more about the Sale Sharks, their current team, and performance statistics by visiting their official website and sports sites that cover rugby, such as BBC.

What is the name of the Sharks rugby team captain presently?

Im assuming you mean Sale Sharks (UK) and its Dean Schofield

What is the colour of Cronulla Sharks national rugby league team?

Black, bule and white.

Where is the sharks rugby team from?

Sales Near Manchester and in the Southern Hemisphere's Super 14 competition the Sharks is the name of the team from Natal in South Africa who are based in Durban.

Who is the highland rugby team?

The Highland Rugby Team is the rugby team of Highland High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are a very popular and successful rugby team in the region, and were the focus of the film "Forever Strong".

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