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Depends on the width of your rim and the clearance in your frame and fork. has a list of recommended tire widths for various rim widths, but in general they're quite forgiving. Unless you're already off by one from the optimum fit you can probably go to 700x32, if you have the fork and frame clearance for it.

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Q: Set of 700 cc racing bike wheels you been using 700 x 25 tires you want to move up to a wider tire What is size is the maximun that you can go up to?
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What gasses are pumped into racing car wheels?

Most pro racing teams are using pure Nitrogen gas in their tires. This has the main advantage of minimising pressure changes as the tire warms up. It will also not feed a fire in a post crash fire.

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Depends on the type of trailer you are pulling but for the most yes 8 wheels on the trailer 8 drive tires on the rear of the truck 2 steer tires there you have your 18 wheeler If you re using Super singles ( the single wide tires), then just 4 tires.

Are Harley Davidson classic tires tubeless?

As you probably know, Harley doesn't make tires and never have. But any Harley with factory wire wheels (spoke type) uses inner tubes, and any Harley with factory cast aluminum wheels can use tubeless tires. But not all tires can be used without a tube, it depends on the type and manufacturer. It will say on the tire's sidewall if it can be run tubeless. Harley first started using cast aluminum tubeless-type wheels in the late Seventies.

What size wheels does the 2003 Honda Accord Coupe have?

LX Honda Accord Coupe 2003 is using P205/65 R15 tires. EX Honda Accord Coupe, LX V-6 and EX V-6 are using P205/60 R16 tires. EX V-6 MT is using P215/50 R17 tires.

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In the United States most semi trucks have 10 wheels, and the trailer will normally have 8. This can vary if the truck is using super singles, and then will only have 6. The super single tires are becomming more popular than dual wheels.

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I'm assuming you're referring to the tubes in the tires here. The purposes for using air-filled tubes in bicycle wheels are comfort, traction and weight. W/o air filled tires, the option is solid tires, and solid tires gives a harsher ride on uneven surfaces, poorer traction and a higher weight.

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Can I use 19.5 inch tires on my existing wheels?

It is better to just replace the tire. Depending on the size of the wheel determines whether or not the tire will fit. I do not suggest using mismatched sizes though.

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What is the correct tire pressure for a 1991 z-24 cavalier?

The correct tire pressure is listed in your owners manual and on a placard on the drivers door, or somewhere else on the vehicle. Until you find the correct pressure run them with 32 psi. well that's good if your using the car just to drive with if ur racing or racing around town with it u want at least 35 maybe more i got a 89 with 16 inch wheels i have to run 38 in the front and 36 in the reaar fo rthe tires to wear right

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If friction isn't dependent on surface area but only on the coefficient of friction between two surfaces and the reaction force then why do racing cars use bigger tires with greater area?

Friction doesnt not depend on the surface area...but the force of friction does! We cannot change the friction of a material but we can change the force due to that friction on another material in contact with it. Using this concept, racing cars have bigger tires to minimise the force of friction acting on them. They cannot change the friction of the road, so they change the resultant force on the tires.