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i heard it was Tim wakefield who plays for the Boston RedSox. He is second to satchel paige i think.

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Q: Second oldest player in all-star game?
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Who is the oldest person to compete in the all-star games for baseball?

satchel paige is the oldest baseball person to play in an allstar game

What is the second oldest game?

it's snok.

Is basball played in the Olympics?

No it's not but they do have Allstar game

Who is the oldest player to play in a baseball all-star game?

The oldest player to play in an All-Star Game was Satchel Paige at 47 years, seven days in 1953.

What to days are pro sports not played?

Before and after the allstar game in July.

What is snok?

Snok is the world's second oldest game. Like snakes and ladders.

Two days a year that no pro ball game is played?

The day before and the day after the MLB allstar game.

What is the second oldest college bowl game?

Of the current bowl games the SUN BOWL is second oldest and started in 19321 as the . The name was changed to . The oldest bowl game is the Rose Bowl which played its first game in 1902, then did not play another game for 13 years. The Rose Bowl has been played every New Year Day since 1916.

Who is the oldest player to play in an All-Star game?

Satchel Paige was the oldest baseball player to compete in an all-star game. He was 47 years old when he was picked for the 1953 AL all star team.

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if your yalkin about da 2010 allstar game he got injured

What are 5 awards Shaquille O'Neal received?

Rookie of the year Most Valuable Player of the year Finals MVP Allstar Game MVP FIBA World Championship MVP

Who was the oldest NBA player ever?

Nat Hickey of the 1947-48 Providence Steamrollers, at 46, was the oldest player in NBA history. He appeared in only one game that season.

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