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It is hard to determine what the average speed of a tennis serve is from various players, but Sam Qurrey is among the fastest serves of all time. He has recorded a serve of 141 miles per hour at multiple events.

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Q: Sam Querreys average tennis serve speed?
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Why is speed important in tennis?

It's measured because the first serve speed is a very important statistic. The faster a serve is, the harder it is for the opposing player to return. By knowing a person average first serve speed, you can then decide on what kind of strategy you can use to return the serve and win the point

What is the speed of a serve in table tennis not tennis?

It depends on how hard you want to hit the ball

What is the average ground stroke speed in mens tennis?

Average Top Spin Ground stroke speed is 62 MPH on the pro tour, and average Slice speed is 46 MPH. some ground strokes have reached above 105 MPH, But on average rally speed is 62 MPH Tennis Professional J R A

What is the average speed of a tennis ball machine?

After careful deliberation upon this topic, I have discovered that my results are unanamous. The average speed of a tennis balls machine ranks in at a whopping 80 miles per hour.

What is the average speed of a women's volleyball serve?

In tennis, the average speed of a serve for a man can range from from 70mph up to the world record of 163.7 mph. A pro would average in the high end, 120-130mph.As of March 2014, the fastest professional serve speed for a man is held by Samuel Groth at 163.7mph (263.4 km/h). This was set at the 2012 Busan Open Challenger Tennis.Additionally, other top speed servers include:Milos RaonicAkbano OlivettiIvo KarlovicJerzy JanowiczJohn IsnerAndy RoddickTaylor DentBenjamin BeckerHeight does seem to play a factor in how fast a player can serve the ball.

What is the average tennis ball speed in professional tennis rallies?

96 km/h 60 m/h

What is the average tennis serve speed for a fifteen year old man?

UPDATE: Andy Roddick's record was broken on March 5, 2011 by Croation Ivo Karlovic during a doubles match in the first round of the Davis Cup. The new record is 156 mph (251.06 kph). The fastest serve ever recorded was 155mph by Andy Roddick in 2004

What percentage of its speed does a tennis ball lose between leaving the racket on serve to passing over the net?

The ball loses 50% of its speed by the time it reaches the net.

The fastest measured speed of a ball in the game jai-alai is In men's tennis the fastest recorded serve was Which is faster?


What is the speed of the fastest men's tennis serve ever recorded on clay?

Andy Roddick 153 mph June 11 2004

Fastest recorded service speed of a tennis ball?

The fastest ever serve recorded; 251 Km/h, was by Ivo Karlovic.

What speed does Andy Roddick's serve average?

Betweeb 200Km/h to 210Km/h but fastest Andy Roddick's serve is 249Km/h !